ECE 6115 Antenna Theory and Design I | ECE | Virginia Tech


Course Information


6115: Aperture theory. Aperture antennas: horns, reflectors, feeds. Phased arrays; Array antennas.

Why take this course?

The course sequence ECE 6115, 6116 provides intensive education in antenna design. Antennas are essential to communications and remote sensing. In particular, today‚??s explosion in wireless communications has increased the demand for radio frequency engineers who can design hardware in sophisticated applications. Antennas are an integral part of any wireless system.

Learning Objectives

  • identify all antenna array types
  • identify performance parameters and their quantification for antennas
  • design the following antennas: printed circuit antennas, slots, phased arrays
  • be able to describe the process of antenna measurements
  • use computer codes for moment method analysis of wire antennas
  • use antenna numerical analysis principles to analyze antennas

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

Antennas in Systems 10%
Antenna Synthesis 10%
Array fundamentals 12%
Array excitation and mutual impedance
Nonuniformly excited, equally spaced linear arrays
Unequally spaced linear arrays
Space tapered arrays
Errors in arrays
Array Configuration Examples 10%
Circular arrays
Waveguide slot arrays
Microstrip Antennas 17%
Microstrip elements
Microstrip arrays, planar and conformal
Multiple-band and dual-polarized microstrip antennas
Numerical Method for Antenna Analysis 17%
General formulation of method of moments and FDTD
Wire antenna analysis using method of moments
Microstrip antenna analysis using method of moments
Monopole and slotline array analysis using FDTD
Antenna Measurements 12%
Applications 12%
Phased Arrays
Antennas for Wireless Systems