Electronic Components, Circuits, and Systems | ECE | Virginia Tech

Areas of Focus

Photo of a computer chip

Research Groups

VT MEMS Laboratory

The MEMS Lab currently is developing 3-D micromachining techniques, micro gas analyzers for environmental and healthcare applications, biochips for cell analysis, cancer diagnosis, and cancer treatment monitoring, and biochips for pathogen detection in water.

Micro & Nano Fabrication Laboratory

Spearheading advanced research projects in micro-, nano-, and optoelectronics technology. The focus of the center is on the emerging technologies at the interfaces between Si- and Ge-based processes, III-V semiconductor materials, sensors, MEMS, and photonics technologies and on their co-integration potential.

Center for Power Electronics Systems

CPES provides global leadership for creating electric processing systems, emphasizing the technical developments and long-term impact on society. CPES is advancing the integrated power module concept to a wide range of next-generation, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly applications.

Future Energy Electronics Center

The Future Energy Electronics Center promotes and develops energy-efficient electronic technologies for the transportation and industrial automation industries.