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Virginia Li ECE graduate student


Portrait photograph of Virginia Li
Virginia Li

Where were you born?

I was born in Yanji, China.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include drawing, playing video games, and hanging out with my friends.

What's one interesting fact about you?

I have been going to school in Blacksburg for 17 years (elementary through grad school).

What are you researching? How might it impact society?

My research focus on DC-DC converter control methodology and its model for point-of-load applications.

Our society is connected globally through consumer electronics and the internet. To meet the consumer demands of smaller, faster, and more energy efficient devices, much of the data processing and storing are reallocated to the ever increasing datacenters. However, datacenter equipmentâ??s have the same demands due to high operation costs.

Whether its consumer electronics or datacenter equipment, components inside of these devices, such as CPU and GPU, need a point-of-load converter to regulate the power provided. With a good analytical model, an energy efficient control can be designed to reduce the size of the converter, making the overall system more compact and cost effective.

What influenced you to choose ECE at Virginia Tech?

When I was applying for colleges I wasnâ??t sure what major to choose. Growing up in Blacksburg, I always liked the Tech community, and Tech is known for its engineering. I thought Iâ??d give it a try.

How do you like living in Blacksburg and the surrounding area?

Itâ??s a quiet area with a lot of outdoor activities. Thereâ??s not too much distraction around, but thatâ??s how I got to spend time and really got to know people.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Donâ??t wait, go out and meet people starting with day one of the college life! You never know the kind of people you will meet, the knowledge you will gain, and the memories you will look back on years later and laugh.