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Altera donates FPGA platform for computer engineering labs

de2-115 FPGA

The DE2-115 development board

This semester, students in two senior-level computer engineering design courses are using an FPGA development platform recently donated by Altera Corporation. The new donation includes Terasic DE2-115 development boards and the Altera Quartus development software.

"The DE2-115 is an incredibly flexible instructional platform that will enable us to create interesting, relevant, and highly motivating experiments for the students," said ECE associate professor Patrick Schaumont, who is teaching the courses. "This donation is helping us raise the bar in the quality of our program, and give our undergraduates meaningful experience with state-of-the-art design and development tools that are widely used in industry."

Students from other universities using these boards have created games, computer vision devices, and even a rock band player. The boards are being used in ECE's Advanced Digital Design (ECE 4514) and Hardware/Software Co-design (ECE4530), and may be used in other courses this spring.

Altera Corporation is known for its programmable logic devices, but also produces software development tools, embedded processors, development kits, and other logic solutions. Terasic Technologies does board design for Altera, and is a leading manufacturer of high-performance hardware and software solutions for the ASIC prototyping, multimedia, and image processing markets. Terasic produces highly optimized FPGA systems that enhance the development of cutting-edge products.

For specifications and more information on the DE2-115 board, visit the DE2-115 webpage.