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Dreams: from concept to construction

Peter Han headshot.
WEI-JER (PETER) HAN provides his students with hands-on experiences to reinforce the lecture.

Wei-Jer (Peter) Han champions a deep integration of lecture with lab, theory with application.

He is dedicated to helping students build their dreams, and this goal drives many of his efforts. "Some students have had a dream in mind for many years," Han explains. He wants to create opportunities in the curriculum for students to integrate what they have learned in their classes to realize their dreams—whether they want to make better audio filtering headphones or a self-driving car.

Han joined the ECE department as an assistant professor of practice in March 2017 to help improve the laboratory components of many of the courses. In 2017, Han taught Electric Circuit Analysis (ECE 2004) and Introduction to Computer Engineering (ECE 2504). He is currently teaching Electric Circuit Analysis Lab (ECE 2074) and AC Circuit Analysis Lab (ECE 3074).

Peter Han uses a whiteboard to explain something to a student

Before joining Virginia Tech, Han was an assistant professor of practice at DeVry University, where he designed, developed, and taught online and on-campus courses in electronics, analog and digital systems, embedded systems, programming, and VHDL. During this time, he also designed and released electronics products, including a siren amplifier and controller area network (CAN), an FPGA with Raspberry PI interface, and circuit boards for educational purposes.

His academic career, however, evolved from a background in industry. From 1995-2002, Han was an electrical engineer in automotive communications, focusing on automotive networking and wireless systems. This foundation informed his approach to instruction, both at DeVry and now at Virginia Tech.

"Comprehensive learning is not just knowledge of theory or something prepared for a test," Han says. "I like to bring applications into the classroom, so students can see the manifestation of theory in the real world.

As a member of the interdisciplinary Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (RED) grant committee, Han is engaged in developing the new ECE curriculum.

"It's an exciting effort to be involved in—to fit all the pieces together and strategize how to develop an education that will allow students to become engineers."

Wei-Jer (Peter) Han

  • Joined ECE March 2017
  • Assistant professor of practice, DeVry University, 2002-2016
  • M.S., systems engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 1995
  • B.S., marine engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University, 1992
  • Ron Taylor Award for excellence of performance, 2011