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Dominion Energy's Gift Propels Engineering Students' Real-Life Studies

Dominion Energy Presentation
Dominion Energy Presents Power and Energy Center Director Chen-Ching Liu with a Real Time Digital Simulator

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Virginia Tech recently received a donation of a $245,000 Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) from Dominion Energy. Marked as an essential piece of research equipment, ECE students will now be able to run real-time simulations of electric power systems employing the same tools used by experts across the electric energy industry. The RTDS allows engineers to model the electric grid in the most realistic way possible and analyze scenarios that impact how the electric grid operates.

The RTDS advances students to the forefront of electric power engineering by providing hands-on, in-demand experience with cutting-edge power grid modeling technology. With the electric grid rapidly evolving to accommodate increasing levels of renewable energy resources, engineering students at Virginia Tech now have an expanded tool set to help them leverage their creativity to invent Virginia's clean energy future.

"Dominion Energy is committed to Virginia's clean energy future. To be successful, we need to harness the innovation of not only those within our industry but those who want to be a part of it," said Matthew Gardner, Director of System Protection with Dominion Energy. "This donation is another step in our valued partnership with Virginia Tech and we are excited to see the creativity that it enables within the students."

Chen-Ching Liu, Director of the Power and Energy Center within the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, stated, "Dominion Energy's generous donation builds on Power and Energy Center's recently developed testbed, '5G Power Grid,' funded by Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI). These RTDS real time simulation facilities empower the new Cyber-Power Lab to perform cutting edge research and education concerning complex power grids integrated with IT and cyber security technologies."

Dominion Energy, a founding member of the Power and Energy Center, has had a longstanding partnership with the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Previous donations include a relay lab and other equipment to enhance the offerings of the university's academic programs and engage students in real world educational opportunities. The partnership extends to internships for both undergraduate and graduate students which help further the development of future engineers.