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ECE students are two-time winners in Smart Radio Challenge

Photograph of winning team

Pictured left to right are Terry Brisebois, Feng Andrew Ge, Prof. Charles Bostian, Mark Silius, Qinqin Chen, Bin Phillip Li, Ying Wang, Rohit Rangnekar. Not pictured; Al Fayez, Gladstone Marballie, Sujit Nair, Yongsheng Sam Shi, Alex Young.

A team of ECE students took first prize for one of three problems at this year's Smart Radio Challenge competition at the annual Software Defined Radio conference on October 27 in Washington, D.C. The team was last year's grand prize winner in the competition, which was sponsored by the SDR Forum Public Safety Special Interest Group.

The team tackled problem 1: Communications from an Infrastructure Damaged Area. The students successfully developed a smart radio system that will automatically create an ad-hoc extension to an existing communications network, so that voice communications can be relayed between the incident site and existing communications systems along a path like a subway tunnel where signals can travel only short distances.

The team is led by Ph.D. student Mark Silvius and advised by Professor Charles W. Bostian. Members are Terry Brisebois, Qinqin Chen, Al Fayez, Feng Andrew Ge, Bin Phillip Li, Gladstone Marballie, Sujit Nair, Rohit Rangekar, Yongsheng Sam Shi, Ying Wang, Alex Young.

(November 10, 2008)