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ECE Studies Beyond the Burg

Part Time PhD
Minh Nguyen earned his Ph.D. last fall as a part-time graduate student holding down a full-time job.

Hosted by the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, the VT-MENA program is offering middle eastern students the chance to obtain a VT degree.

Promoting Undergraduate International Experiences
The college of engineering pushes for undergraduates to have a better international education.

ECE Programs Outside of Blacksburg

From single courses to certificate programs to degree programs Virginia Tech ECE offers a variety of graduate study options for students and practicing engineers

National Capital Region

Live Instruction and Distance Learning

Several hundred graduate students - most part-time - study at the Falls Church facility. Both master's and doctoral degree programs are offered, and students are advised by on-site faculty members as well as those from the Blacksburg campus. Admissions to degree programs are via the standard graduate school procedures.

Naval Surface Weapons Center at Dahlgren

Live Instruction and Distance Learning

Both master's and doctoral programs are available to scientists and engineers at this government research center. NSWC is now an approved site to meet the residency requirement for the Ph.D. degree.

Virginia Tech Middle East and North Africa Program

Live Instruction and Distance Learning

VT-MENA is a new degree program offering Ph.D. degrees. Students are located in Alexandria, Egypt and sponsored by the Arab Institute. Students are taught by both Virginia Tech and Arab Institute faculty members. Students satisfy the same requirements as Blacksburg Ph.D. students, including one year of residency at the Blacksburg campus.

Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program

Distance Learning

Through a consortium of engineering programs and 15 delivery sites in Virginia, CGEP offers degrees across engineering disciplines. Students may take single courses or pursue standard degrees. Students may take up to 12 hours through CGEP, at which point, they must meet admissions standards and transfer to a degree program.

Lockheed-Martin, Vienna

Students in Lockheed-Martin's leadership training program have the opportunity to take on-site and local university classes to an M.S. degree in three years. Lockheed instructors certified by Tech teach 9 credits of coursework and the remaining 21 credit hours are taken either through Tech distance learning or at a campus site.

Lockheed-Martin, Manassas

Live instruction

A special program at Lockheed Manassas offers two software engineering courses on-site. Students must be admitted to the graduate program and satisfy all normal degree requirements to complete an M.S. or Ph.D. degree.

Master of Information Technology

Distance Learning

A distance-learning graduate certificate program is offered to students anywhere in the world through cooperation between ECE, computer science, and the business college. Students may concentrate in a particular area after completing fundamental courses. Some of the eight ECE courses offered in the program are standard courses that meet ECE degree requirements, while others are for the MIT program only. Admission is handled by the VTMIT program office.


Live Instruction

Similar to the VTMIT program, VTMIT-India is offered at the S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research in Mumbai, India. Participating faculty members from Tech travel to India to present courses in a compressed format.

Newport News Shipbuilding

Live Instruction

Non-credit graduate power engineering courses are offered to students desiring greater knowledge in the field. Students are not required to enroll as graduate students in a degree program.

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