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ECE's Mary Taylor receives 2012 Award for Excellence in Career Advising

Mary Taylor receives award

Mary Taylor receives her award

October 11, 2012 — Mary Taylor, an academic and career advisor for the ECE department, received the 2012 Award for Excellence in Career Advising.

Established by Virginia Tech's Office of Career Services in 1989, this award is given annually to recognize the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of a Departmental Career Advisor (DCA) or a Pre-Professional School Advisor. A selection committee comprised of Career Services staff, faculty members, and students chooses the winner from a pool of candidates nominated by students, faculty, and staff.

Taylor was nominated by her supervisor, Dr. Leslie Pendleton, director of ECE Student Services. "Mary exemplifies the professional characteristics of excellence, effective communication skills, unfaltering commitment and dedication, creativity, and innovation," said Pendleton. "She consistently performs her advising role through empathy and concern for her students, an open door and welcome attitude, and enthusiasm for her role in the lives of our students."

Many of Taylor's former advisees also voiced support for her nomination. Letters from ECE alumni included the following comments:

  • "Mary has been involved with many innovative programs within the ECE department and touched countless students' lives — including mine. Whenever I am in need of highly qualified candidates, I reach out to her for recommendations."
    -Wes Dickenson (BSCPE 2003, MSCPE 2004)
  • "Mary has been a mentor/coach/friend/advisor during my undergraduate years at Virginia Tech and credit goes to her for being a great coach and advisor till the very end! She is calm, patient, understanding, and full of knowledge."
    -Dalmir Buttar (BSEE 2006)
  • "Ms. Taylor believes in her students' success and she believes in each of her students. We need someone who understands our challenges. For me personally, countless times I was overwhelmed, losing sight of the finish line. Ms. Taylor was always there, pushing me to succeed. I am always so impressed she remembers everything going on in my life. I was blessed to have her as my career advisor, and I know hundreds of students share in my sentiments and recommendation of the best advisor at Virginia Tech!"
    -Jason Grieves (BSCPE 2008)
  • "Mary Taylor was one of the most influential people in my attendance at Virginia Tech. She was a major supporter of my school and work decisions and was a major contributor to my success in obtaining a successful career in industry. Because of Ms. Taylor's career preparation assistance I was able to choose between ten different job offers. I believe that Ms. Taylor's influence has helped me become a successful engineer."
    -Jason Gillis (BSCPE 2008)
  • "Ms. Taylor was instrumental in providing direction for my education and career. She recognized that these activities would fine-tune my leadership, organization, and communication skills. While considering entering the workforce or continuing my education, she gave me the direction I needed to make my own decision. Throughout my tenure at Virginia Tech, Ms. Taylor has been a friend and mentor. We still keep in communication and she continues to help me by assisting me with my recruiting efforts at Virginia Tech."
    -William Geneczko (BSEE 2010)

Whether it's an occasional visit, phone call, email, request for assistance with recruiting efforts, or an annual Christmas card, Taylor's impact on the lives of ECE students is evidenced by her long-lasting relationships with her former advisees.