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News - Phadke given HKN outstanding achievement award

Arun Phadke, university distinguished professor emeritus, has been honored by Eta Kappa Nu with the 2007 Vladimir Karapetoff Award for career accomplishment. Phadke and his colleague, Stanley H. Horowitz received the award for their technical contributions to the field of power system protection and control.

Photograph of Arun Phadke

Arun Phadke

This major HKN recognition for career accomplishment in the field of electrical and computer engineering dates from 1922, when the Board of Governors established the award in honor of Vladimir Karapetoff, an IEEE Fellow and a prominent member of Eta Kappa Nu.

The award is given annually to an electrical practitioner who is distinguished himself/herself through an invention, a development, or a discovery in the field of electrotechnology. The fund to support the award was initiated through a bequest from Dr. Karapetoff's widow, R.M. Karapetoff Cobb, herself a distinguished chemical engineer.

Factors that are considered in bestowing the award include the impact and scope of applicability of the invention, development, or discovery; its impact on the public welfare and standard of living, and/or global stability; and the effective lifetime of its impact.