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Yang (Cindy) Yi

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361 Durham Hall

Mailing Address:
1185 Perry Street
453 Whittemore (0111)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

(540) 231-3362

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Teaching Interests:

Digital Design, VLSI Design, Analog IC Design, Advanced Topics in Electronics and Circuits

Research Interests:

Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuits and Systems, High Performance Computing, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Artificial Intelligence, and Emerging Nano-device

Grants and Projects:
  • Neuromorphic Electronic Circuits Design and Automation for Brain-Inspired Computing System
  • Three-dimensional Integrated Circuits Design and Analysis
  • Integrated Circuit/Transceiver Design in Wireless/Cellular Networks, Ehealth Systems, and Internet of Things
  • Hardware Reliability and Variability Analysis in High Performance Computing Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing in Wireless Communications and Cybersecurity
Selected Publications:
  • Title: A Novel Approach for using TSVs as Membrane Capacitance in Neuromorphic 3D IC
    Author(s): A. Ehsan, H. An, Z. Zhou, and Y. Yi
    Journal: IEEE Transaction on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD), 2017
  • Title: Brain-Inspired Wireless Communications: Where Reservoir Computing Meets MIMO-OFDM
    Author(s): Mosleh, L. Liu, C. Sahin, R. Zheng, and Y. Yi
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (TNNLS), 2017
  • Title: Inter-Spike Intervals (ISI) based Analog Spike-Time-Dependent Encoder for Neuromorphic Processors
    Author(s): C. Zhao, Y. Yi, J. Li, and L. Liu
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems (TVLSI), 2193 - 2205, August, 2017
  • Title: Reservoir Computing Meets Smart Grids: Attack Detection using Delayed Feedback Networks
    Author(s): Hamedani, L. Liu, R. Atat, J. Wu, and Y. Yi
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (TII), 2017
  • Title: Analog Spike-timing-dependent Resistive Crossbar Design for Brain Inspired Computing
    Author(s): Zhao, K. Hamedani, J. Li, and Y. Yi
    Journal: IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems (JETCAS), 2017
  • Title: Enabling Sustainable Cyber Physical Security Systems through Neuromorphic Computing
    Author(s): J. Li, R. Atat, L. Liu, and Y. Yi
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing (T-SUSC), June, 2017
  • Title: Monolithic 3D Neuromorphic Computing System with Hybrid CMOS and Memristor-based Synapses and Neurons
    Author(s): An, A. Ehsan, Z. Zhou, F. Shen, and Y. Yi
    Journal: Integration, the VLSI Journal - Elsevier, 2017
  • Title: Adaptation of Enhanced TSV Capacitance as Membrane Property in 3D Brain-inspired Computing System,
    Author(s): Ehsan, H. An, Z. Zhou, and Y. Yi
    Conference: IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2017
  • Title: Neuromorphic 3D Integrated Circuit: A Hybrid, Reliable and Energy Efficient Approach for Next Generation Computing
    Author(s): A. Ehsan, Z. Zhou, and Y, Yi
    Conference: ACM Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI, Best Paper Award Finalist 2017
  • Title: Electrical Modeling and Analysis of 3D Synaptic Array using Vertical RRAM Structure
    Author(s): H. An, M. Ehsan, Z. Zhou, and Y. Yi
    Conference: IEEE International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), Best Paper Award Finalist 2017