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Research Areas

Taking wearable computers to a whole new level ECE's pervasive computing researchers are developing electronic clothing with integrated technology for health monitoring, public safety, and the arts.

Current Research


ECE's pervasive computing researchers are working on projects that add computer intelligence to our everyday lives.

One project is to develop a vest for roadside construction workers. The system will be able to evaluate threats from vehicles driving past (such as vehicles ignoring the cones), and the vest will warn the workers if a collision is about to occur.

Another project involves an electronic-textile garment that is indistinguishable from regular clothing, but can automatically classify a patient's daily activities while taking physiological measurements. This clothing could be used to monitor patients with chronic illnesses and help detect health issues before they become crises. Their activity classifier uses a model of the user's body, allowing it to work without training the wearer, or drawing only from a list of pre-defined activities.

The pervasive computing team is closely tied with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology's (ICAT) Create Studio, which provides a variety of physical and electronic prototyping capabilities. There, researchers have developed a storyboarding tool to automatically create software for pervasive computing. This tool will allow interdisciplinary teams to prototype pervasive computing devices more rapidly by extracting information using tags, natural language processing, and storyboard frames.