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Undergraduate Programs

  • Admission to Virginia Tech

  • Prospective undergraduate students, including freshman, transfer, and international applicants, who desire admission to Virginia Tech must apply through Virginia Tech's Office of Undergraduate Admissions ( All admissions questions and decisions are handled through that office. For general admissions questions, you may email

    All students admitted to Virginia Tech's College of Engineering by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are classified as General Engineering (GE) majors in the Department of Engineering Education (ENGE): Thus, students who plan to graduate with a degree in either Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Engineering (CPE) in the ECE Department should apply for admission as a GE major.

    Prospective students who have specific questions about the first year should contact the ENGE Department directly. Prospective students who have specific questions regarding the CPE and EE program requirements and curricula should contact ECE Student Services.

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  • Admission/Transfer to ECE

  • For information in how to transfer to ECE please visit:

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  • Depending on your major/status, the process for transfer is as follows:

  • General Engineering majors in the first, second, or third semester of study must complete a Curriculum Choice Form and submit it to the Engineering Fundamentals Office in 332 Randolph. The forms are also available on the Engineering Education website.

    General Engineering students who have been enrolled in General Engineering for more than three semesters must complete an Internal Transfer Application. These applications are available from the College of Engineering Office of Academic Affairs at 212 Hancock Hall.

    Non-majors (for example, University Studies, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics) who want to transfer from a major outside Engineering to General Engineering may submit a Change of Major request to the College of Engineering Office of Academic Affairs 212 Hancock. One major advantage of a change of major is registration priority. First-year Engineering courses, specifically ENGE 1024 and ENGE 1104, are restricted to General Engineering majors.

    Non-majors who are eligible for a direct transfer to CPE or EE must submit an Internal Transfer Application. These applications are available from the College of Engineering Office of Academic Affairs in 212 Hancock Hall.

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  • Non-majors Enrolling in ECE Courses

  • Most undergraduate and graduate level ECE courses are restricted to CPE and EE majors. Therefore, GE students and other non-engineering majors will generally not be able to submit Course Requests or Add requests for ECE courses through Hokie Spa.

    The ECE Force Add process exists to facilitate the registration process for GE and other non-engineering majors who have successfully completed all first-year engineering courses and have competitive academic records that demonstrate eligibility and readiness to transfer into CPE or EE.

    Force add requests are due no later than 5:00 p.m. on the third day of class each semester or summer session.

    Force Add Request Form

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