ECE 4304 Design in Power Engineering | ECE | Virginia Tech

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Study principles in electric power engineering and apply them in design problems including: machine control and design, IT and Internet applications in power, expert systems and AI applications, power system protection and digital relaying, communication, and data transmission, solar and wind energy, computer-aided design and GUI, data over power lines.

Why take this course?

In modern power systems many occasions arise in which the application of different ideas is necessary. The design of all power related apparatus and systems require a broad knowledge of these topics. This course will assist in preparing the student to design these apparatus and systems both now and in the future when new components are necessary and new requirements must be met.

Learning Objectives

  • Conduct literature search and to use information ethically.
  • Develop ability to analyze engineering problems and define realistic design goals and procedures
  • Perform Design work and apply engineering methodology to solve technical problems
  • Keep track of design work and solve implementation problems
  • Improve communication skills
  • Organize and write technical reports
  • Organize and make technical presentations

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

Attendance 5 % (Individual)
Project Proposal 20 % (Group)
Project Notebook 5 % (Individual)
Group Progress Reports 15 % (Group)
Individual Progress Reports 10 % (Individual)
Mid Term Oral Presentation 2 % (Individual)
Final Oral presentations 3 % (Individual)
Final report 5 % (Individual)