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Course Information


Develop, compile, and test algorithms for serial and mobile robots. Robot forward and inverse kinematics, task planning, velocity kinematics, force rendering, control, haptics, mapping and localization, computer vision and path planning

Why take this course?

This is a laboratory companion course for ME 4524 Introduction to Robotics and Automation or ECE 4704 Principles of Robotics Systems, providing students with hands-on experience using mobile robots and serial robotic manipulator systems. Students will develop algorithms for state-of-the-art equipment and then test the performance of the algorithm-equipment package. Since the lab hardware/software automatically handles many of the details of system integration (e.g., communication protocols and digital signal processing), students will be able to focus on the robotics aspects.

Learning Objectives

  • Design, compile, and test forward and inverse kinematics algorithms for serial and mobile robots
  • Design, compile, and test trajectory planning and velocity kinematics algorithms for a serial robot.
  • Design, compile, and test force rendering algorithms for a serial robot.
  • Construct, compile, and test various controller designs for a serial robot.
  • Explain various controller designs for a serial robot.
  • Design, compile, and test various algorithms for a mobile robot, including mapping/localization, image processing and potential fields.

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

Introduction to Lab Equipment 7%
Mobile Robot:
Locomotion and Kinematics 7%
Mapping and Localization 7%
Computer Vision and Vision-Guided Control 6%
Path Planning 6%
Serial Robot:
Forward Kinematics 7%
Inverse Kinematics 7%
Trajectory Planning in Joint Space 7%
Trajectory Planning in Task Space 7%
Velocity Kinematics 6%
Force Rendering 6%
Position Control 12%
Haptics 12%
Demonstration of other Robotic Equipment 3%