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Undergraduate Programs

Theresa Nelson (CPE 2006)

Portrait of Theresa Nelson
ECE Ambassador

I've really enjoyed my computer hardware classes which have had numerous projects designing computer chip logic, and then implementing those designs on a prototype board. It's pretty neat to design something, build it, and then watch it work!

Linh Pham (CPE/Physics 2007)

Portrait of Linh Pham
Bradley Scholar

I've been working on an undergraduate project in autoonomous serface vehicles since my first semester freshman year. I've learned a lot about research environments and this project pertains a lot to ECE.

Matt Boyle (CPE 2006)

Portrait of Matt Boyle
ECE Ambassador

I'm involved with the IEEE hardware team, which designs and builds an autonomous robot from scratch every year for a competition. This experience has taught me more about electronics and programming than most of my classes. I would recommend getting involved with a student project as soon as you come to Tech. It will put you ahead of your classmates in terms of experience.

Joshua Partlow (CPE 2005)

ECE Ambassador

I've had a number of design projects in various classes. Last semester I worked with a partner designing a program to break the Vernam cipher using a genetic algorithm. This semester I've worked again with a partner to design an expert system capable of diagnosing basic mental disorders. Over the past few years I've designed and wired all sorts of digital devices, including a simple ALU. I've found these projects help reaffirm my choice of major. Being in ECE can be grueling work, and it's nice to have design projects as a reminder of why I decided to pursue this degree.'

Penn Markham (CPE 2006)

ECE Ambassador

My resesarch project involved making a web accessible database of inventory within the College of Engineering. It was neat because I met all kinds of people and learned how the university works. I've also had to give a few presentations, which has been good practice.

David Schroder (EE 2005)

Portrait of David Schroder
Bradley Scholar

I did an independent study on cognitive radios ... it was very valuable for me to dive into material that was more advanced than anything I had done in class. It helped me appreciate to a much greater extent the concepts and theories that I was learning.

Adam Salup (EE 2006)

Portrait of Adam Salup
ECE Ambassador

Every project received in class has been a challenge. The fun part is testing and seeing that it works.

Brian Kalb (CPE/Econ 2007)

Portrait of Brian Kalb
Bradley Scholar

I have an internship with a defense contractor doing research on sonar, including acoustic modeling and threat detection software for cruisers. It will be an amazing opportunity to learn more about how software runs in the military.

Brian Crosby (EE 2007)

Portrait of Brian Crosby

I am involved in several research projects/groups. The IEEE has provided me with leadership experience as well as meet new people that have the same aspirations as I do. I am also involved with a student ran robotics team. The team has allowed me to learn new things and apply then to a given situation rather then just getting a number at the end of an equation.