Struggle | ECE | Virginia Tech

Undergraduate Programs

Megan Adams (EE 2006)

Portrait of Megan Adams

My most challenging class was the freshman C++ class. I had never had a programming class before, so I found that I had to work a lot harder than some of my classmates. The course is very fast paced, so I had to learn all the introductory concepts along with the more complex ideas being taught in lecture. Although this was a difficult class, hard work paid off, and I came out with a good understanding of C++.

Andrew Fife (EE 2007)

Portrait of Andrew Fife

My biggest struggle has been adjusting to the idea that I need to figure out the answer for myself. Instead of someone being able to just explain the answer and go on. I need to spend time on my own trying to make sense of the material.

Christopher Derzack (EE 2006)

Portrait of Christopher Derzack

Time management skills are the key to success in this major. As a freshman, it took me some time to fully understand the importance of adequate planning.

Theresa Nelson (CPE 2006)

Portrait of Theresa Nelson
ECE Ambassador

One of my biggest struggles has been managing time. Many times, I have multiple projects I'm working on, homework to do, and tests to study for. I have had to learn to balance my time around what work is most pressing... while making sure to leave time for myself as well.

Bob Harwig (CPE 2006)

Portrait of Bob Harwig

Being an ECE student requires one to become very good at time management. While it takes some people a long time to become effective time managers, it is a skill that will prove usefull for the rest of your life. Being an ECE student allows you to explore so many different opportunities at Virginia Tech. The diverse curriculum, numerous student projects and inclusive classroom atmosphere are some of the best reasons to join the ECE department.

Vikas Vatsa (EE 2006)

Portrait of Vikas Vatsa
ECE Ambassador

My biggest challenge has been balancing my time between organizations, friends, and schoolwork. Even though I'm still not perfect, I feel that my time management skills have dramatically improved by being an ECE student.