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Undergraduate Programs

Sarav Bhatia (CPE 2006)

Portrait of Sarav Bhatia

You get to be with people that inspire hard work, intelligence, and humility. Getting to learn the science behind modern technology. Understanding.

Joshua Partlow (CPE 2005)

The flexibility. I can't think of another major that allows students to pursue so many different paths. The knowledge of the professors. While not every professor is a great teacher, I've yet to encounter one that didn't know the material they were teaching inside out. I also haven't had a single professor who wasn't willing to work with me outside of class until I understood a topic. The opportunities available through the department. I can't remember a day when I got home and didn't have at least three emails making me aware of a program the department was putting on, or a career opportunity.

Penn Markham (CPE 2006)

You'll be one of the few people who actually understands how your computer works. You'll also know how pretty much anything electronic works. You'll always be the first person everyone asks to install ceiling fans and light fixtures.