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1185 Perry Street
453 Whittemore (0111)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1985
M.S.E.E., M.I.T., 1980
B.S.E.E., Lehigh University, 1978

Teaching Interests:

Classical and modern control system design, microprocessor systems, system identification, electronics

Research Interests:

Computational Biology, Biomedical Applications, Control. Recent work involves dynamic modeling of biological systems. One project involves modeling breast cancer cells to understand how they become resistant to therapy. Another project involves stochastic modeling of the yeast cell cycle to produce a more accurate model of this important system as well as to understand the impact of molecular noise on cell cycle progression.

Grants and Projects:
  • Stochastic Models of Cell Cycle Regulation, NIH, 2006-2014, with J. Tyson, Y. Cao, C. Shaffer, and J. Peccoud.
  • ER-Related Activities Affect Breast Cancer Susceptibility and Responsiveness to Endocrine Therapy, NIH, Cancer Systems Biology Center, 2010-2015. PI: Robert Clarke, Georgetown University Medical Center.
Selected Publications:
  • Computational Biology
  • Title: Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, the Unfolded Protein Response, Autophagy, and the Integrated Regulation of Breast Cancer Cell Fate
    Author(s): Robert Clarke, Katherine L. Cook, et al.
    Journal: Cancer Research, 1321-31, March, 2012
  • Title: Dynamic Modeling of Estrogen Signaling and Cell Fate in Breast Cancer Cells
    Author(s): J. J. Tyson, W. T. Baumann, et. al.
    Journal: Nature Reviews Cancer, 523-532, July, 2011
  • Title: Stochastic Exit from Mitosis in Budding Yeast: Model Predictions and Experimental Observations
    Author(s): D. A. Ball, T.-H. Ahn, P. Wang, K. C. Chen, Y. Cao, J. J. Tyson, J. Peccoud, and W. T. Baumann
    Journal: Cell Cycle, 999-1009, March, 2011
  • Title: A Model of Yeast Cell Cycle Regulation Based on Multisite Phosphorylation
    Author(s): D. Barik, W. Baumann, M. Paul, and J. Tyson
    Journal: Molecular Systems Biology, August, 2010
  • Thermo-Acoustic Instability
  • Title: Pulsed Control of Thermo-Acoustic Instabilities: Analysis and Experiment
    Author(s): J.M. Carson, W. T. Baumann, and W.R. Saunders
    Journal: Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, 1-7, July, 2009
  • Title: Characteristic Linear Dynamics of Kinetically Controlled Burning
    Author(s): C. Martin, J. Ranalli, U. Vandsburger, and W. Baumann
    Journal: Combustion Theory and Modeling, 921-946, December, 2009