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2021-2022 ECE Ambassadors

Shlock Agarwal

Shlock Agarwal

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Machine Learning; BSEE - Major: Controls, Robotics & Autonomy, 2022

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Professional / Student Organizations: President - Martian Subsurface Analysis Team Undergraduate Research Assistant

Internships: Interned at the Information Sciences Institute at University of Southern California, as a Hardware Machine Learning Intern

Favorite thing about VT: Sunsets at the Recreational Fields

Evan Allen

Evan Allen

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Networking & Cybersecurity; BSEE - Major: Networking & Communications, 2023

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Hume Center for National Security and Technology, ECE Ambassadors, Cyber@VT, and Virginia Tech Outdoors Club

Projects: SailBOT Autonomous Sailboat Design Team, SEC Engineering Expo Volunteer, and Appalachian Trail Maintenance. I also like building / programming various things in my free time. Last year I got really into the idea of writing a simulation for "boids", which is a cool way to simulate flocks of birds. Now that we're in person again, I really want to make a group for the Big Event and help some people.

Internships: Software Engineering Intern, L3Harris Adaptive Methods

Favorite thing about VT: The atmosphere! Everyone I've met here in Blacksburg is so supportive - people want you to succeed, and will help you through if you're struggling. My friends and professors are what make this place feel like home. Campus is beautiful (especially at sunset on top of Perry Street Parking Garage), and the hikes are great too. VT makes me happy. Oh, and the chicken parmesan subs.

Advice Take initiative. See a professor doing cool research you would like to try even though you feel like you have no idea what you're doing? Talk to them about it anyway! Want to join a club or design team but feel intimidated or underqualified? Apply anyway!

There are so many opportunities at VT to make friends, learn new skills, or get new professional experiences, but you have to ask. I got my first internship because I asked a friend. I got my first research experience because I just showed up to an open house and applied. People might say no, but who cares? You're a Hokie, and you miss all the shots you don't take. Also - if you're beginning your time here and are struggling to find friends, don't worry. Keep trying. It was hard in the beginning for me too. I promise it will come, and this place will feel like home eventually.

Keerthana Aluri

Keerthana Aluri

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Networking & Cybersecurity, 2022; Secondary Focus - Machine Learning

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: SIA; ECE Ambassadors

Internships: Interned at Capital One for two years in High School; Cyber-Security research at UVA freshman year summer; Interned at Microsoft Sophomore and Junior year summer

Favorite thing about VT: Definitely the people and the opportunities that are available to us. It has the friendliest people and the most beautiful fall colors.

Advice Never miss an opportunity to try new things and meet new people. You never know what you could miss out on if you don't try it!

Tom Coleman

Tom Coleman

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Controls, Robotics & Autonomy, 2022

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: I'm the Vice President for the VT Class of 2022 and the Chair of our Senior Class Gift Committee, responsible for overseeing large class events like Ring Dance and other celebrations this year. I'm also a member of the College of Engineering Dean's Team, Student Alumni Associates, First-Year Leadership Experience Mentor, and do the VT Student Academy. And after all that when I have free time, I'm hanging out with my brothers in Sigman Phi Epsilon fraternity.

Internships: I have been a Software Engineering Intern at Akamai Technologies where I worked on web development (summer 2021), and have also been involved in CS-focused research projects with the VT Hume Center for National Security and Technology (2020-2021).

Favorite thing about VT: The tons of different opportunities you can find yourself in outside of the classroom, and how you'll find amazing people in every organization.

Advice There is really a great spirit of UT Prosim here at Virginia Tech, make sure to take advantage of that. Almost anyone here is willing to help you out if you have any questions about school or extracurriculars, whether or not you know them. If you're interested in finding unique career opportunities, make sure to reach out to your professors and upperclassmen for advice and making connections quickly, other students are often some of the best resources you have.

Nate Doggett

Nate Doggett

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering '23. Minoring in Computer Science and Math

Hometown: Poquoson, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: First-Year Leadership Experience (FLEX), Class of 2023 Class Office, Student Alumni Associates, ECE Ambassadors

Projects: AMP Lab

Internships: NASA LaRC Summer '18, Westrock Summer '20

Favorite thing about VT: Easily the people and the campus atmosphere at Tech. The food is not half bad either!

Advice Tech can be all that you make it. It has the student body, school size, resources, and faculty to help you achieve whatever you want. You just have to make sure it all happens!

Paolo Fermin

Paolo Fermin

Academic: BSCPE - Major - Machine Learning, 2022

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Undergraduate Student Representative to the Board of Visitors, Former Resident Advisor in the Honors Residential Commons, member of the Student Life Council

Projects: Field and Space Experimental Robotics (FASER) lab researcher. HackRFML - Resilience team with the Hume Center. Two IEEE published conference papers.

Internships: Heron Systems Summer '21, NASK Inc. Summer and Winter '20, Hume Center Aerospace and Ocean Systems lab Summer '19

Favorite thing about VT: I love the living learning programs here at Tech. Having a community to come into as a freshman made me feel so welcome, led me to meeting some lifelong friends, and gave me the skills and connections to achieve various leadership roles throughout the university. If you have the opportunity to be a part of a living-learning program, don't waste it!

Advice College is not just about accumulating credits to walk across the stage after a couple of years. Take time to grow as a person, work on your passions, and spend time with good people. You will not remember the countless lectures you attended, but you will remember the experiences you have outside the classroom that helped shape you into who you are.

Tilden Fernandez

Tildan Fernandez

Academic: B.S. Software Systems major, Math minor. Graduation Spring 2022.

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE, Rocketry at Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech Rock Climbing

Projects: Virginia Tech FutureHAUS research project, High Altitude Ballooning projects

Internships: Internship with Northrop Grumman summer 2020, tutor with Virginia Tech Student Athlete Academic Success Services Fall 2019 to Spring 2020, Instructor with iD Tech camps summer 2019.

Favorite thing about VT: Huge diversity of projects, research, and groups to join that allows me to explore all kinds of interests and meet other students who are passionate about many different things.

Advice If given a choice about doing anything say yes. Try anything once; if other people enjoy it, it's probably fun in some way. You can always decide something isn't for you later, don't miss out on the great opportunities around you.

I'm an identical twin and the only person in my family to not go to William and Mary for their undergraduate degree!

Justin Green

Justin Green

 B.S. Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland

Professional / Student Organizations: Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

Projects: Special Olympics Area 9

Internships: G3 Technologies (Summers 2018-2020)

Favorite thing about VT: Virginia Tech offers everything that a student could want from a college experience. Whether its great academics with a ton of hands on learning, endless clubs and organizations to join, or amazing food. Tech really has it all!

Advice Remember to try and stay balanced. Take school very seriously but also find some time outside of the classroom to take your mind off of engineering and relax. Sometimes the best way to solve an engineering problem is to take your mind off of it for an hour or so and then give it another try.

Kristen Harrell

Kristen Harrell

 B.S. Computer Engineering. May 2022.

Hometown: Mechanicsville, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: CEED Peer Mentoring

Projects: Micron Technologies (Summer 2019), Honda R&D (Summer 2020).

Internships: My favorite thing at Virginia Tech is the beautiful views and amazing people.

Favorite thing about VT: Stay organized! The hardest thing about transitioning to college is developing strong time management skills. By staying organized and getting ahead on work, you will better set yourself up for success!

Mayank Hirani

Mayank Hirani

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering(Focus: Networking & Cybersecurity, Machine Learning). 2022

Hometown: India

Professional / Student Organizations: Martian Subsurface Analysis Team, RoboGrinder ,VT Autodrive, ECE Ambassador

Projects: Social Networking of Automobiles - (Ford-sponsored Research Project); Co-host of the ECE Tech Talk

Internships: Research Intern at Cofense (Leesburg VA), Computer science intern at Chicago Advocate Legal

Favorite thing about VT: The tremendous number of opportunities in any field you want to pursue, and the enthusiasm of the faculty and the staff. I also love the people and the culture! And the tailgates of course.

Advice Don't be afraid to try new things, college is about exploring what you like. Have a good balance between class work and extracurricular activities. Also, don't forget to enjoy yourself!

Diana Kim

Diana Kim

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering 2022.

Hometown: Huntington, West Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Hyperloop, IEEE, Alpha Omega Epsilon

Projects: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (Summer 2019), 76th Software Engineering Group at Tinker AFB (Summer 2020)

Favorite thing about VT: Whatever your passion is, you can find a place for you at Virginia Tech! There are countless opportunities and ways to get involved with your interest.

Advice Stay positive. Don't be discouraged by obstacles - work hard, and believe in yourself! When the time is tough, remember why you came here. You are not alone in the journey! Don't be afraid to ask for help - there are many resources to help you succeed.

Santosh Krishnan

Santosh Krishnan

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Controls, Robotics & Autonomy, 2022

Hometown: Ashburn, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: ECE Ambassadors; VT Virodh

Projects: Design of Navy-Sponsored Research Projects - ECE 4994 UAV Telemetry Courier - Lockheed Martin/ECE 4805/6

Internships: Software and Digital Technologies Intern - Northrop Grumman Summer 2020; Digital Technologies Intern - Northrop Grumman Summer 2021

Favorite thing about VT: I love the atmosphere at Virginia Tech, from the learning environment on campus to the stands of Lane Stadium. I also enjoy the plethora of opportunities to succeed and advance my knowledge and career at Tech.

Advice Never say no to any opportunity that comes your way and try everything you can. Also work hard and smart, and don't forget to have fun.

Meijin Li

Meijin Li

Academic: BSEE - Major: Controls, Robotics & Autonomy, 2022

Hometown: China

Projects: Inverter Auxiliary Power Board Design, FEEC Distributed Uplink/Downlink Power Control in Dynamic Spectrum Access

Internships: Radio Systems Corporation Electrical Engineering Internship (Summer 2021)

Favorite thing about VT: The countless opportunities!

Advice Work Hard, Be Organized & Use Your Resources

Jack Michaud

Jack Michaud

Academic: BSEE - Major: Energy and Power Electronics Systems; Minor: Green Engineering, 2023

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Martian Subsurface Analysis Team (MSAT), American Marketing Association (AMA), Engineers Without Borders (EWB), ECE Ambassador.

Projects: Mostly homemade projects: Speaker Cooler, Marx Generator, Windmill (in progress).

Internships: Electrical Internship with Kimley-Horn (Summer 2021).

Favorite thing about VT: Meeting people and learning about their stories, passions, and aspirations.

Advice Get involved in any way possibly! Design Teams, Big Event, Professional Organizations, Fraternity/Sorority, Squirrel Watching Club, whatever it might be. I strongly believe that the people you meet will make your experience here at Tech. If you get involved, you'll not only learn valuable skills but build communities and friendships along the way.

Varun Namish Modak

Varun Namish Modak

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering, Software Systems, Spring 2022.

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Professional / Student Organizations: ECE Ambassador, 2020, Peer Mentor, Center for Enhancement of Engineering Diversity, 2019, Ex-Technical Lead, Martian Subsurface Analysis Team (August 2019 - August 2020), Ex-First Year Leadership Experience Member @ Virginia Tech (2018-2019)

Projects: The Big Event, Operations Team Member (2019)

Favorite thing about VT: Food :) & the beautiful location!

Advice Explore all your opportunities at Tech. It's all out there! All you've got to do is reach out and dip your feet in different experiences. That's the way to make the best of your time here.

Kirti Patel

Kirti Patel

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Networking & Cybersecurity, Minor - Computer Science, 2022

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority, Society of Women Engineers, Association for Women in Computing

Projects: Hume Center: CCI Automotive Cybersecurity Research, Natural Language Processing Project, JDRF, Big Event

Internships: MITRE, Software Engineering Intern (Summer 2021), Ozmo, Content Developer Intern (Summer 2020)

Favorite thing about VT: Tech has given me an endless amount of opportunities that have allowed me to explore my passions and constantly challenge myself. I am surrounded by a positive community of faculty and friends who foster a warm environment to learn, grow, and succeed.

Advice Focus on what matters and stay positive. When faced with difficulty, be patient with yourself, use your resources, and don't give up. Take each failure as an opportunity to grow beyond your limits. Remember to take care of your health, relax, and have fun!

Zach Schutz

Zach Schutz

Academic: BSEE - Major: Communications & Networking, 2022

Hometown: Hamilton, New Jersey

Professional / Student Organizations: Engineering in the Arts; IEEE

Projects: Guitar Amplifier; The Big Event

Internships: Undergraduate Researcher at the Hume Center; Undergraduate Researcher at the Structures Lab

Favorite thing about VT: How the campus feels like home and how everyone is friendly and willing to help out.

Advice Don't be afraid to try new things even if you're not sure you'd like doing it. There's no shame in dropping it if you don't like it or if you don't have enough time for it.

Steven Shumadine

Steven Shumadine

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Machine Learning, Minors: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Math

Hometown: Herndon, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Club; Raytheon Fellowship Program; Chess Club

Projects: Use and Abuse of Personal Information Research Project

Internships: Raytheon Summer 2020; Raytheon Summer 2021

Favorite thing about VT: The people.

Advice Go to class and use office hours.

Gwyneth Steel

Gwyneth Steel

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Controls, Robotics & Autonomy, 2023

Hometown: Bel Air, Maryland

Professional / Student Organizations: Galileo and Hypatia LLC, Theme Park Engineering and Design

Projects: Galipatia Outreach Committee Liaison, Giving Tree, To Our House

Favorite thing about VT: VT has an excellent community full of supportive peers, faculty, and staff. Also, getting to live in the mountains with the conveniences of a big college town is pretty great.

Advice Push yourself outside of your comfort zone! Now is the perfect time to try new things and Tech has people who are interested in just about everything so there are definitely opportunities available if you look for them.

Maxwell Stelmack

Maxwell Stelmack

Academic: B.S. Major: Controls, Robotics, Autonomy. Spring 2022.

Hometown: Centerville, Ohio

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE; The Archimedes Society; Astrobotics; Catholic Campus Ministry; Previously - Galileo LLC, Autonomous Aerial Vehicles; TREC Lab

Projects: Knights of Columbus, Alternative Spring Break Mission Trips, Campus Kitchen

Internships: Three summers at Air Force Research Laboratories as a research assistant 2020 Summer: Textron Systems as an Electrical Engineering Intern

Favorite thing about VT: Well-developed religious communities with constructive and considerate interfaith dialogue. To me, a university with a significant portion of its community considering their spiritual lives demonstrates a well-rounded student and faculty population. Discussing my service in my faith community has actually helped me gain internship experiences, even when the interviewer expressed that they are involved in a different faith.

Advice Don't think about if you're a fit for a particular university. Rather, is that university a fit for you? What are those dreams you pursue, and how does this university launch you toward them?

Daniel Stover

Daniel Stover

Academic: BSCPE - Major - Machine Learning, 2023

Hometown: Leesburg, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: (1) RockSat-X engineering student design team; (2) Swim Club at Virginia Tech; (3) American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) VT student chapter member; (4) Hyperloop at Virginia Tech engineering student design team

Projects: (1) FIRST Alumni Association at Virginia Tech volunteer; (2) Various engineering-focused personal (programming), internship (space focused), and academic (Sophomore design project - RF communications) projects

Internships: (1) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory flight software systems engineering intern - Summer 2020; (2) Hume Center and Space@VT SmallSat cybersecurity undergraduate researcher - 2021; (3) Web development software engineering intern at Solution Street - Summer 2019; (4) NASA Langley electrical engineering intern - Summer 2018

Favorite thing about VT: As an individual interested in creating things with others, the mix of students at Virginia Tech is perfect because there is a large enough base of engineering students for several student-only design teams to coexist and focus on various fields, in addition to the plethora of students studying all the fantastic non-engineering majors as well.

Advice Take the time in your first semester to walk around campus and into random places such as the Ware Lab, or all the floors in Goodwin, and talk to anyone you run into because everyone here is so excited to share their passions with you. Additionally, go to Gobblerfest (Virginia Tech club fair) and join any of the clubs that sound interesting to you. I would also look into the Galileo Living and Learning Community if you are a prospective engineering student, as I was a previous community member and loved it. And remember, you don't have to be great to start, you have to start to be great - whether that be personal projects/hobbies or applying to clubs, internships, or scholarship.

Abel Thomas

Abel Thomas

Academic: BSCPE - Major: Software Systems; Minor: Cybersecurity, 2022

Hometown: Vernon Hills, Illinois

Professional / Student Organizations: Socceroo; Intramurals; CRU; ULA

Internships: Raytheon (Embedded Software Engineering Intern); Logical Positions (SEO and SWE Intern); SpurIQ (Engineering Instructor)

Favorite thing about VT: The amount of opportunities are endless at VT, there is always something for everyone, you just have to go get it. VT also has the best community and campus food!

Advice Don't be afraid to try new things, because if you don't you may regret it later. And make time to do things you love.

Dhwan Wanjara

Dhwan Wanjara

Academic: B.S. Control, Robotics, and Autonomy. CS minor. 2022.

Hometown: Mumbai

Professional / Student Organizations: FSAE, The Socceroos.

Internships: Hardware Engineering intern for Cisco in the optical IC team for 2018 and 2019

Favorite thing about VT: The people, the campus, and the hokie bird in no particular order.

Advice Make good habits and do things you love. Godspeed and glory!

Claire Woehr

Claire Woehr

Academic: B.S. Majoring in Computer Engineering: primary focus in software systems and secondary in machine learning. Minoring in cybersecurity and mathematics.

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE, ECE Ambassadors, CEED Mentoring.

Projects: Unikernel Research, Lyric Theater Volunteer

Internships: ST Engineering: VT iDirect.

Favorite thing about VT: My favorite thing about Virginia Tech is the food and the people. There are so many eating options and everyone, faculty, staff, and students, are extremely friendly.

Advice Going into a university that is as big as Virginia Tech can be scary, but Tech gives off a vibe of a small community.