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Majors FAQ

Students wishing to declare their Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering major should complete the Change of Major Application through HokieSpa during a Change of Major period.

When a change of major period opens, students may request a new primary major. Students enter the ECE Department with a primary major of Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Engineering (CPE). ECE students must successfully complete ECE 2014 Engineering Professionalism with a C- or better or ECE 2804 Integrated Design Project with a C or better before they are eligible to apply for an ECE major.

  1. Log into HokieSpa
  2. select "Change of Major Application (Undergraduate)" at the top of the menu.

    Change of Major Tutorial

You may change your major during a set of dates at the end of fall, spring, and summer. You may find this information on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering (general) Computer Engineering (general)
Communications & Networking Chip-Scale Integration
Controls, Robotics, & Autonomy Controls, Robotics, & Autonomy
Energy & Power Electronic Systems Machine Learning
Micro-Nanosystems Networking & Cybersecurity
Photonics Software Systems
Radio Frequency & Microwave  
Space Systems  

COMING FALL 2023: Applied Electromagnetics 

This new ECE major combines the areas of space systems, radio frequency/microwave, and photonics for a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of these electrical engineering fields. This major will only be available to students who enter Virginia Tech Fall 2023 or after and is not available to current students. Contact your advisor for more information.

You may find the checksheets for each major on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

No, Students that do not chose an Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering major, will graduate with the general EE or CPE degree.

No, you may not major in two different majors within the same degree.

Yes, you may major in an EE and CPE major because you are seeking majors in two separate degree programs.

No, if you are a current ECE student, you are not required to have a specific GPA in order to change your major.