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Robert P. Broadwater

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349 Durham

Mailing Address:
1185 Perry Street
453 Whittemore (0111)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

(540) 231-3771
(540) 231-3362

Professor Emeritus

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Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 1977
M.S., Virginia Tech, 1974
B.S., Virginia Tech, 1971

Teaching Interests:

Graph Trace Analysis, Software Design, Electric Power Systems

Research Interests:

Software Systems, Cloud Computing, Power, Control

Selected Publications:
  • Title: Graph Trace Analysis Based Interdependent System Recoverability Analysis Criteria, Constraints and Measures
    Author(s): Kevin Russell, Robert Broadwater
    Journal: Naval Engineers, 2011
  • Title: Evaluation of DER Adoption in the Presence of New Load Growth and Energy Storage Technologies
    Author(s): Jaesung Jung, Haukur Asgeirsson, Thomas Basso, Joshua Hambrick, Murat Dilek, Richard Seguin, and Robert Broadwater
    Conference: 2011 IEEE PES General Meeting 2011
  • Title: Configurable, Hierarchical, Model-based Control of Electrical Distribution Circuits
    Author(s): Josh Hambrick, Robert Broadwater
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2010
  • Title: Load Calibration and Model Validation Methodologies for Power Distribution Systems
    Author(s): Y. Liang, K. S. Tam, R. Broadwater
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2010
  • Title: Generic Reconfiguration for Restoration
    Author(s): D. Kleppinger, R. Broadwater
    Journal: Electric Power Systems Research Journal, 2010
  • Title: Generic Algorithms for Analysis of Interdependent Multi-Domain Network Systems
    Author(s): Lynn R. Feinauer, Molly E. Ison, and Robert P. Broadwater
    Journal: International Journal on Critical Infrastructures, 2010
  • Title: A Graph Trace Based Reliability Analysis of Electric Power Systems with Time Varying Loads and Dependent Failures
    Author(s): D. Cheng, D. Zhu, R. Broadwater, S. Lee
    Journal: , Electric Power Systems Research Journal, 2009
  • Title: A Robust Multi-phase Power Flow for General Distribution Networks
    Author(s): M. Dilek, Francisco de Leon, R. Broadwater
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2009
  • Title: Graph Trace Analysis and Generic Algorithms for Interdependent Reconfigurable System Design and Control
    Author(s): Lynn R. Feinauer, Kevin J. Russell and Robert P. Broadwater
    Journal: Naval Engineers Journal, 2008
  • Title: Storm Modeling for Prediction of Power Distribution System Outages
    Author(s): Dan Zhu, Danling Cheng, Robert Broadwater, Charlie Scirbona
    Journal: Electric Power Systems Research, 2007