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Luiz A. DaSilva

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Virginia Tech Research Center - Arlington, 900 N Glebe Road, Arlington, VA, 22203

Mailing Address:
1185 Perry Street
453 Whittemore (0111)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Bradley Professor of Cybersecurity and Executive Director of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative

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Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1998
M.S., University of Kansas, 1988
B.S., University of Kansas, 1986

Teaching Interests:

Telecommunications, Networking, Computer engineering

Research Interests:

Wireless networks, in particular networks of adaptive and cognitive radios and the application of game theory to network resource management

Selected Publications:
  • Title: A Hierarchical Game Theoretic Framework for Cognitive Radio Networks
    Author(s): Y. Xiao, G. Bi, D. Niyato, and L. A. DaSilva
    Journal: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2012
  • Title: Autonomous Sensing Order Selection Strategies Exploiting Channel Access Information
    Author(s): Z. Khan, J. J. Lehtomaki, L. A. DaSilva, and M. Latva-aho
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2012
  • Title: Recognition and Informed Exploitation of Grey Spectrum Opportunities
    Author(s): I. Macaluso, T. Forde, L. A. DaSilva, and L. E. Doyle
    Journal: IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, 85-90, 2012
  • Title: Traffic-Aware Channel Assignment for Multi-Radio Wireless Networks
    Author(s): R. E. Irwin, A. B. MacKenzie, and L. A. DaSilva
    Conference: IFIP Networking, Prague, Czech Republic, May 2012
  • Title: On the Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff of an Improved Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Strategy
    Author(s): Y. Xiao, L. A. DaSilva, and X. J. Zhang
    Journal: IEEE Communication Letters, 482-485, April, 2012
  • Title: Modeling the Dynamics of Coalition Formation Games for Cooperative Spectrum Sharing in an Interference Channel
    Author(s): Z. Khan, S. Glisic, L. A. DaSilva, and J. Lehtomaki
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, 17-30, March, 2011
  • Title: Rendezvous for Cognitive Radios
    Author(s): N. Theis, R. W. Thomas, and L. A. DaSilva
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 216-227, February, 2011
  • Title: The Price of Ignorance: Distributed Topology Control in Cognitive Networks
    Author(s): R. S. Komali, R. W. Thomas, L. A. DaSilva, and A. B. MacKenzie
    Journal: IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, 1434-1445, April, 2010
  • Title: Asymptotic Optimality for Distributed Spectrum Sharing Using Bargaining Solutions
    Author(s): J. E. Suris, L. A. DaSilva, Z. Han, A. B. MacKenzie, and R. S. Komali
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 5225-5237, October, 2009
  • Title: Cognitive Networks: Adaptation and Learning to Achieve End-to-end Performance Objectives
    Author(s): R. W. Thomas, D. H. Friend, L. A. DaSilva, and A. B. MacKenzie
    Journal: IEEE Communications Magazine, 51-57, December, 2006