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The ECE Department uses a professional advising system in which ECE advisors provide academic & career advising, referrals to university resources, as well as individual & group academic support programs.


ECE Student Services Front Desk Receptionist

Alicia Sutherland
(540) 231-2163

Academic & Career Advisor
(A – D)

Mary Brewer
(540) 231-4539

Academic & Career Advisor
(E – K, R)

Nicole Gholston
(540) 231-3106

Academic & Career Advisor
(L – Q)

Kimberly Johnston
(540) 231-8393

Academic & Career Advisor
(S – Z)

Susan Broniak
(540) 231-8219

Academic Advisor for NCR

Roxanne Nersesian Paul
(703) 538-8370


340 Whittemore Hall


8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.
1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.


Phone: (540) 231-2163


ECE Student Services advisors meet with students by appointment only. Please use Navigate found on the Virginia Tech Registrar's page to make an appointment with your advisor:


ECE Information Sessions are held on Mondays and Fridays from 2-3 p.m. in 340 Whittemore Hall while classes are in session. Please visit ECE Ambassador Information Session/Lab Tour or call or call (540) 231-2163 to schedule an appointment to attend.
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Students wishing to declare their Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering major should complete the Change of Major Application through HokieSpa during a Change of Major period.

When a change of major period opens, students may request a new primary major. Students enter the ECE Department with a primary major of Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Engineering (CPE). ECE students must successfully complete ECE 2014 Engineering Professionalism with a C- or better or ECE 2804 Integrated Design Project with a C or better before they are eligible to apply for an ECE major.

  1. Where do I need to go in HokieSpa to Change my primary major?

    1) Log into HokieSpa, 2) select Change of Major Application (Undergraduate) at the top of the menu.

    Change of Major Tutorial

  2. When is the Change of Major Period? You may change your major during a set of dates at the end of fall, spring, and summer. You may find this information on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

  3. What majors are offered in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering?

    Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering (general) Computer Engineering (general)
    Communications & Networking Chip-Scale Integration
    Controls, Robotics, & Autonomy Controls, Robotics, & Autonomy
    Energy & Power Electronic Systems Machine Learning
    Micro-Nanosystems Networking & Cybersecurity
    Photonics Software Systems
    Radio Frequency & Microwave
    Space Systems

  4. Where can I find out more about the requirements for each major?
    You may find the checksheets for each major on the Office of the University Registrar’s website.

  5. I changed my major to Electrical Engineering (EE) when I was admitted to the ECE Department from General Engineering. If I do not choose an ECE major, will one be chosen for me?

    No, Students that do not chose an Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering major, will graduate with the general EE or CPE degree.

  6. I want to major in two different majors within the same degree. For example, CPE-Machine Learning and CPE- Networking and CyberSecurity. Is this possible?

    No, you may not major in two different majors within the same degree.

  7. I want to major in an EE major and a CPE major. For example, EE-Communication & Networking and CPE- Machine Learning. Is this possible?

    Yes, you may major in an EE and CPE major because you are seeking majors in two separate degree programs.

  8. I am a current ECE student. Do I need to have a minimum GPA in order to change my major from the general EE or CPE to one of the ECE majors?

    No, if you are a current ECE student, you are not required to have a specific GPA in order to change your major.

Force-Add Policy

ECE force-add requests will be accepted ONLY from students who are eligible to take ECE courses but are unable to request certain ECE course(s) during the Course Request period due to a prerequisite or class restriction. If you do not submit a Course Request during the Course Request period, you are not eligible to complete the ECE force-add survey. Incomplete or ineligible surveys will not be reviewed and will be deleted with no notification to the student.

The force-add surveys for undergraduate and graduate courses will open each semester the day before Course Request and close at 5:00 pm on the Friday before the first day of classes. No force-add requests will be accepted after this date. All decisions will be made by the second day of classes. Students with approved force-adds will be notified by the second day of classes.

On the Friday before classes begin, ECE will open up classes to class capacity. This means that if the timetable is showing a course as full, then it is full to capacity and we cannot and will not add additional students. Note that class capacity does not always equal classroom capacity. Just because there may be empty seats, this does not mean that we can add additional students. Many factors go into determining class capacity.

ECE Force-Add Survey Summer 2020

ECE Force-Add Survey Fall 2020

Private Tutor Request


ECE Student Services maintain a Google Group of Virginia Tech students who are interested in earning money through private ECE tutoring. The tutoring requests range from 1000 – 4000 level ECE courses and, generally, several requests are made per week. There is no obligation to take any jobs. However, if you decide to take a job, all arrangements (including rate charged) are up to the individuals involved.

Please keep in mind the following ethical boundaries when considering a tutoring request:

  • If you are a grader for a course, you cannot tutor a student enrolled in the specific section(s) for which you are a grader.
  • However, you can tutor a student enrolled in a different section.
  • If you are teaching a course, you cannot offer tutoring for the course (this includes any section).
  • Please treat the transaction between you and the student as confidential.

To add yourself to the group, visit and request to join.

Individuals seeking tutoring will send an email to the *listserv* (ECE Tutoring) and interested tutors then contact the individual directly.

TO SEND A PRIVATE TUTOR REQUEST to the entire list of available ECE tutors, please send an email to with:

  1. Email/Contact Information
  2. Course Number & Description (i.e. ECE 2704 – Signals & Systems)
  3. Hours/per week
  4. Rate/per hour

Please indicate the course in the subject line of your email. Interested tutors will respond directly to you.

*Please be aware you are sharing this information to the entire list of available ECE tutors. If you do not wish to share your contact information, please contact your advisor and attach a completed TUTOR REQUEST FORM.

*If you have any issues, please contact your advisor. Also, international students must check with Cranwell International Student Center or International Graduate Student Services before accepting a paid position. This is not considered an on-campus job.

Independent Study/ Undergraduate Research

All Independent Study (ECE 4974) and Undergraduate Research (ECE 4994) proposals are due in ECE Student Services by 2:00 pm on the 3rd day of class. The three required forms (cover sheet, proposal sheet, and ABET form) can be found on our Policy page. You are responsible for delivering all three completed forms with student and faculty supervisor signatures to your Academic/Career Advisor in ECE Student Services by the established deadline.


ECE uses a faculty technical advising referral system. Students with technical questions about specific courses or career paths are referred by their advisor to the appropriate faculty members in the area of interest. Some popular technical specialties.


ECE advisors collaborate with the Office of Career Services to provide guidance related to:

  • choice of major and career path
  • Co-op and internship programs
  • permanent job search
  • graduate or professional study


ECE students participating in the University Honors Program should contact their advisor early in their academic programs.