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Meet the ECE Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors enjoy discussing ECE with students who are considering electrical or computer engineering at Virginia Tech. You can meet them on a tour of the department, or email them if you have questions. For departmental tours, please see the information on visiting campus.

Katie Biggs

Photo of Katie Biggs

Academic: Computer Engineering, Computer Science Minor, Spring 2019 grad

Hometown: Sykesville, MD

Professional / Student Organizations: Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineer, VT College of Engineering's Dean's Team for Recruiting, Society of Women Engineers

Projects: 209 Manna Ministries Food Pantry, Hypatia Women's Preview Weekend Planning Committee

Internships: Qualcomm (Summer 2017), Northrop Grumman (Summer 2016, Summer 2015)

Favorite thing about VT: The Hokie spirit and community, as well as the beautiful campus!

Advice Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. One semester I participated in a global engineering abroad course with a group in Europe, which is something I had never considered doing before. Even though we were only in Europe for two weeks, I learned so much and already wish I could go back!

Anand Guruswamy

Photo of Anand Guruswamy

Academic: Computer Engineering, Minor in Computer Science, graduating in May 2018

Hometown: Herndon, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: Presidential Global Scholars (PGS) 2017 Study Abroad, Virginia Tech Honors College, ECE Ambassadors, CS UTA, and Phi Sigma Pi.

Internships: Qualcomm (Summer 2014 - 2017), Leidos (Fall 2014), Microsoft (Incoming Full Time Program Manager)

Favorite thing about VT: Hokie Spirit! No matter how far away we venture after graduation, our hearts will always bleed maroon and orange. I'm incredibly proud to be a Hokie and love how the Hokie spirit burns strongly in all of us, no matter where life takes us.

Advice Don't procrastinate! ECE is very demanding and has time consuming projects. Start early and pace yourself throughout the semester. This way, you have more time to clear unexpected hurdles while also enjoying life outside of school.

Nick Falls

Photo of Nick Falls

Academic: Electrical Engineering. Business Leadership Minor. Spring 2018

Hometown: Botetourt, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: Student Government Association, Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity, IEEE, HKN Honor Society

Projects: Big Event, Relay for Life, Special Olympics Area 9, Kids Tech University

Internships: Gala Industries, LEWAS Lab Undergraduate Research

Favorite thing about VT: I love the sense of community the entire Virginia Tech campus shares. Attending Virginia Western Community College for my first two years has given me perspective on different college experiences. At Virginia Tech I see everyday a very engaged body of students who come here not only to take classes but also to serve their school. Virginia Tech's motto is 'Ut Prosim' which means That I May Serve, and I see both students and faculty bring this to life everyday. The fact that we are no where close to being the largest university in the country but we still have the largest collegiate relay for life and the second largest Big Event goes to show that. Also having a gorgeous campus definitely contributes to my love for VT!

Advice You'll hear it a million times but GET INVOLVED!! Virginia Tech is so much more than just a place to come and take classes. I saw my time on campus greatly improve when I got involved. Campus can seem huge but as you join organizations and meet more people, walking from one class to another without seeing somebody you know will be a struggle. But that's a good problem to have because then you have somebody to wait in line with you at Qdoba! There are so many great people to meet, you just have to be willing to take that first step and put yourself out there. Virginia Tech has completely changed the person I am and I could not be any happier about it.

Charles Duncan

Photo of Charles Duncan

Academic: Electrical Engineering. Leadership (Military Tract). Graduated in December 2017

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Professional / Student Organizations: Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Class of 2017 Army ROTC Virginia Tech Triathlon Team

Projects: Volunteered regularly at Blacksburg Children's Museum Sponsored by GM for a project on GPS Synthesis

Internships: Army Cadet Leadership Course Army Cadet Troop Leader Training Communicated from a Virginia Tech ground station to a VT Satellite

Favorite thing about VT: The sense of community here. I have made life long friends and countless memories. It is such a unique place and it can't be replicated. The values it is built upon, especially Ut Prosim, make this all possible

Advice Get out there and meet new people. Join new groups. Find new experiences. You'll fall in love with something and stick with it. Opportunities like this only come around once.

Megan Bennett

Photo of Megan Bennett

Academic: Electrical Engineering. May 2020.

Hometown: Blacksburg, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: VT Whitewater, AMP lab Soldering Instructors, Society of Women Engineers, Residential Leadership Community, VT WARE lab, Students for Exploration and Development of Space and the HUME center.

Projects: Signal Processing and Smart Jamming

Internships: Amplus Corporation Co - Op, Terrestrial Robotics Engineering and Controls lab internship

Favorite thing about VT: The food, sounds cheesy *bah dum tiss* however, the health that Virginia Tech promotes is like no other campus I have visited or seen. There are ample opportunities to get involved early on and at VT, passion will get you everywhere.

Advice Know that you are at Virginia Tech to get a phenomenal degree, you could easily spend the entirety of your time doing everything BUT school, set a schedule and keep in mind that you are human too. Throw time at something and results will happen. Remember to sleep and eat regularly as well.

Sasha Morgan

Photo of Sasha Morgan

Academic: Computer Engineering, Cyber Security, 2019

Hometown: Troy, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: National Society of Black Engineers, Hypatia/Galileo Community, CodePath University at Virginia Tech

Internships: TwinThread LLC, Facebook and CodePath University Technical Program Manager at Virginia Tech

Favorite thing about VT: Football, there is nothing that can compare to game day. The atmosphere is amazing and the games are always great.

Advice Take a deep breath and enjoy your visit to Virginia Tech. Imagine what your day to day life would be like if you were a student and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Monty Noblezada

Photo of Monty Noblezada

Academic: Electrical Engineering 2019

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: Wireles@VT, Space@VT, Cansat Design Team, Hume Center, Galileo Engineering Community

Projects: Radio Spectrum Monitoring, Amateur Radio Astronomy, DIY Radar Systems, IoT Home Improvement, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Radio Wave Propagation Research

Internships: Apple Inc - RF Hardware Engineering Intern (Summer 2018) Institute for Telecommunication Sciences - RF Electronics Engineering Intern (Summer 2017) Spaceflight Industries - RF Engineering Intern (Spring 2017) NASA Langley Research Center - Engineering Intern (Summer 2016) Analog Devices - Applications Engineering Co-op (Spring 2016) United States Patent and Trademark Office - Engineering Patent Intern (Summer 2015)

Favorite thing about VT: The best thing about Virginia Tech is the people!

Advice Figure out what you want in life and go do it.

Vedant Sharma

Photo of Vedant Sharma

Academic: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Professional / Student Organizations: Bioinspired Science and Technology (BIST) Laboratory, ECE Ambassadors.

Internships: Undergraduate Researcher- Virginia Tech International Laboratory - Shandong University, China (Summer 2017). Engineering Intern - 3M, India (Summer 2016).

Advice Make the best of your time here at Tech. Get involved with student organizations, meet new people, learn to manage your tasks, and have fun!

Natalia Marin

Photo of Natalia Marin

Academic: Majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Math, graduating 2019

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: Society for Women Engineers, Residential Advisor, IDEA club coordinator

Internships: Summer 2016 internship - Energy Engineering Intern for Geeni in Barcelona, Spain

Favorite thing about VT: I love the community here! I was afraid that it would be hard to meet people when I first came to college but that couldn't be farther from the truth. It's so easy to make friends and join clubs/ activities!

Advice Don't ever get the idea in your head that you can't do something. If you really care and have passion, then hard work will get you to where you want to be!

Arjun Balaji

Photo of Arjun Balaji

Academic: Electrical Engineering, Spring 2018

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) and IEEE

Projects: BOLT Electric Motorcycle: Controls subteam lead. Worked on designing and manufacturing a racing bike as part of the ware lab. Undergrad research assistant in the Autonomous Systems and Controls Lab (Spring 2017). Worked on designing a sensor system for an autonomous underwater vehicle.

Internships: Northrop Grumman - Digital Design Intern (summer 2017) GE Transportation - Electrical Sourcing Intern (summer 2016) Tesla Motors - IT Applications Intern (summer 2015)

Favorite thing about VT: VT has a very unique community; everyone is friendly and strangers offer help when you need it. This really shines during events on campus like gamedays, Relay for Life, and the Big Event. You always feel safe, welcome, and included when you're walking around campus.

Advice Find what you're passionate about and do it. There are so many clubs or projects to get involved with on campus and it doesn't have to be anything related to what you study. From electric motorcycles, to Chocolate Milk Mondays, find something that gets you excited every single day.

Pooja Rathnashyam

Photo of Pooja Rathnashyam

Academic: Double Major in Computer Engineering and Mathematics, graduating Spring 2019

Hometown: Reston, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity, Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Projects: DREAMS Lab

Internships: Summer 2016: Information Technology Intern for Truth Initiative Summer 2017: Technology Support Intern for CAVA Current: Apple At-Home Advisor and Undergraduate Grading Assistant for MATH 2114: Introduction to Linear Algebra

Favorite thing about VT: The people and the community!

Advice Virginia Tech has so many opportunities for you, it's up to you to find out which ones are for you. Put yourself out there, go to info sessions, talk to professors, and you can get to work on some really cool projects and design teams.

Celine Stewart

Photo of Celine Stewart

Academic: Majoring in Computer Engineering, minoring in Cyber Security, Graduating Spring 2019

Hometown: Smithfield, VA

Professional / Student Organizations: ECE Ambassadors, 3D Design Studio, GUMP (graduate-undergraduate mentorship program), Design for America, Hypatia living learning community

Projects: BOLT (electric motorcycle design team)

Internships: Intern at Lockheed Martin (Summer 2017 and 2018)

Favorite thing about VT: The assurance that I will probably get a job after all this.

Advice Take care of yourself before everything else. Eat well and get enough sleep!