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Meet the ECE Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors enjoy discussing ECE with students who are considering electrical or computer engineering at Virginia Tech. You can meet them on a tour of the department, or email them if you have questions. For departmental tours, please see the information on visiting campus.

Amir Bigdeli

Photo of Amir Bigdeli

Academic: B.S. Energy and Power Electronics Systems - December 2020.

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Hyperloop at VT, Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Electrical Engineering Honor Society, Virginia Tech Honors College, Engineering Transfer Peer Mentor, GE Aviation Early Intern Development (EID) Program.

Projects: - 500Watts Power Distribution Board with OCP and OVP - HDSDI high-resolution Repeater Board for the cameras onboard Dragon and Falcon Launch Vehicles - 48Watt EPS for Laser-Powered Space Rover - The Apache Attack Helicopter's Power Switch Controller and Engine Power AC/DC Inverter - EE Tutor at HKN Honor Society - Undergraduate/Graduate Researcher at CPES - Career Committee Chairman at GE Aviation EID Program

Internships: - SpaceX (Avionics Hardware Engineering Intern) - GE Aviation (Military Engines Electrical Design Engineering Intern) - VPT Power, Inc. (Electrical Design/Test Engineering Intern)

Favorite thing about VT: Opportunities at VT are ENDLESS. For anyone with any kind of interest, there's something to do and thrive at. From undergraduate research and internship opportunities to extra-curricular activities like joining a design team, student clubs and more.

Advice You will be able to find your passion at VT. Go after it fearlessly. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Familiarize yourself with 'PRIORITIES'. Work on your time management skills, and soon you'll be able to push any burden off your way. WRITE DOWN YOUR DAILY GOALS!! It will help you with prioritization.

Aaron Brown

Photo of Aaron Brown

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering 2020

Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: NSBE, CEED, Galipatia, VTLUUG

Projects: OLVT

Internships: Lockheed Martin, OLVT, InVenTs Rocketry

Favorite thing about VT: Try to make friends with as many people as you possibly can. It'll help you a lot as school work and projects start piling up, specially towards end of the semester. Always having an extra point of contact in school/class is a great strategy that you guys should definitely take advantage of. Also, get involved in as many outside-school activities/events as your time allows (do NOT cut out quality time studying or working on your school projects to attend these events though); try to be part of a design team and undergraduate research project. Not only that gives you a high reputation and leaves good impressions when talking to your friends/recruiters, it also gives you a better practical understanding on subjects you've learned in class.

Advice Start learning time management skills early so that the skills can carry you through the rest of college. Your freshman year is the least busy you will be so join organizations then and devote time to them upfront. Enjoy college, it is the most free you will be.

Garrett Campbell

Photo of Garrett Campbell

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering. Major: Software Systems. Minor in Computer Science. Estimated Graduation Date: May 2021.

Hometown: Stuarts Draft, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Discipleship Leader at BCM (Baptist Christian Ministry), Undergraduate Learning Assistant for ECE 2544, Former CEED (Center for Enhancement of Engineering Diversity) Mentor

Projects: I participated in 3.2 for 32 and The Big Event. I do various independent projects on my own when time allows such as creating websites or programs for my own enjoyment.

Internships: I was a Computer Engineering Intern at PPI-TimeZero during the summer of 2018, a Systems/Software Engineer Intern at Innovative Defense Technologies during summer 2019, and a Software Engineer Intern at Microsoft during summer 2020.

Favorite thing about VT: I love the feeling of being at home that I have at Virginia Tech. Everyone is so supportive and it's a great environment where I can learn and really be a part of something great.

Advice Put yourself out there and try new things, you'd be surprised the things you'll learn and the things you'll find yourself to be interested in. Don't put too much stress on yourself, just enjoy the moment and put as much effort as you can into whatever you do.

Nate Doggett

Photo of Nate Doggett

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering '23. Minoring in Computer Science and Math

Hometown: Poquoson, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: First-Year Leadership Experience (FLEX), Class of 2023 Class Office, Student Alumni Associates, ECE Ambassadors

Projects: AMP Lab

Internships: NASA LaRC Summer '18, Westrock Summer '20

Favorite thing about VT: Easily the people and the campus atmosphere at Tech. The food is not half bad either!

Advice Tech can be all that you make it. It has the student body, school size, resources, and faculty to help you achieve whatever you want. You just have to make sure it all happens!

Tilden Fernandez

Photo of Tilden Fernandez

Academic: B.S. Software Systems major, Math minor. Graduation Spring 2022.

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE, Rocketry at Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech Rock Climbing

Projects: Virginia Tech FutureHAUS research project, High Altitude Ballooning projects

Internships: Internship with Northrop Grumman summer 2020, tutor with Virginia Tech Student Athlete Academic Success Services Fall 2019 to Spring 2020, Instructor with iD Tech camps summer 2019.

Favorite thing about VT: Huge diversity of projects, research, and groups to join that allows me to explore all kinds of interests and meet other students who are passionate about many different things.

Advice If given a choice about doing anything say yes. Try anything once; if other people enjoy it, it's probably fun in some way. You can always decide something isn't for you later, don't miss out on the great opportunities around you.

I'm an identical twin and the only person in my family to not go to William and Mary for their undergraduate degree!

Stephanie Flear

Photo of Stephanie Flear

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering. Green Engineering 2021.

Hometown: Manassas, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: BOLT Electric Motorcycle Design Team Resident Advisor Honors College - Class of 1956 Ut Prosim Fellow

Projects: Residential Leadership Community (RLC) Leadership and Social Change Residential College (LSCRC) Newman Catholic Campus Ministry - Alternate Spring Break trips

Internships: Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Systems Engineering Internship (Summer 2018) Lockheed Martin Aerospace Systems Engineering Internship (Summer 2019)

Favorite thing about VT: The level of opportunity. From always having an opportunity to meet someone new, join a new organization, or try new food, the level of growth that is stimulated in and out of class is unprecedented. If you want to do something, at Virginia Tech, you can. I contribute this to the strong sense of community, with our very motto being "That I May Serve," Hokies are like no other. We are motivated to make a difference through service.

Advice Believe in yourself! Take risks and learn from every experience. There is no such thing as failure when you love what you are doing. Do not worry too much about a future job, make sure you're having fun in your classes and the internships, co-ops, and job offers will come. Keep an open mind, you'll never truly know if you want to do something until you actually do it. And always take time to have fun. Go to GobblerFest, football games, the Big Event, basketball games, Relay for Life, etc. VT is never short of fun events!

Matt Genberg

Photo of Matt Genberg

Academic: B.S. Dual Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, class of 2021

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: I'm the Chief Engineer for inpsireFly, a design team on campus. I'm also the current E-Week Chair on the Student Engineers' Council and play for the Men's Club Soccer team when I'm not bogged down with projects 24/7.

Internships: My internships since coming to Tech have been working for Booz Allen Hamilton as a software engineer and running the 2019 Engineering Expo.

Favorite thing about VT: My favorite thing about VT is the endless opportunities to explore your passions. Between majors, minors, clubs, etc. you can truly do anything you're interested in with a group that shares your interests. There are so many avenues to meet people you connect well with and form lifelong friendships.

Advice When you get to campus, be willing to extend yourself and meet new people. Explore the countless groups at Virginia Tech and try to discover passions you didn't know you had. Don't be passive and wait for opportunities to come to you. Go find them yourself and take them.

Justin Green

Photo of Justin Green

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland

Professional / Student Organizations: Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

Projects: Special Olympics Area 9

Internships: G3 Technologies (Summers 2018-2020)

Favorite thing about VT: Virginia Tech offers everything that a student could want from a college experience. Whether its great academics with a ton of hands on learning, endless clubs and organizations to join, or amazing food. Tech really has it all!

Advice Remember to try and stay balanced. Take school very seriously but also find some time outside of the classroom to take your mind off of engineering and relax. Sometimes the best way to solve an engineering problem is to take your mind off of it for an hour or so and then give it another try.

Afia Habib

Photo of Afia Habib

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering 2021

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority, & Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED)

Projects: JDRF, Big Event, First Robotics Tournaments, Shack-A-Thon for Habitat for Humanity

Internships: Boeing (Summer 2020) - Electromagnetics Test Engineer Intern Lockheed Martin (Summer 2019) - Hardware Engineering Intern

Favorite thing about VT: I love how warm and friendly the community is here. My fellow Hokies have always made me feel welcomed from the very first time I set foot on campus to the last time I walked across the Drillfield. No matter where I am on campus, I'm surrounded by my favorite people. Virginia Tech is a truly unique experience, and I am proud to be a Hokie!

Advice Keep an open mind, and don't sweat the little things. You're going to be exposed to a lot of clubs and organizations which can get overwhelming, but you don't need to have it all figured out after putting your email on a listserv. Make sure you're investing your time in the things that YOU enjoy. Your time here at Virginia Tech is so valuable, make the most of it while you are here :-)

Kristen Harrell

Photo of Kristen Harrell

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering. May 2022.

Hometown: Mechanicsville, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: CEED Peer Mentoring

Projects: Micron Technologies (Summer 2019), Honda R&D (Summer 2020).

Internships: My favorite thing at Virginia Tech is the beautiful views and amazing people.

Favorite thing about VT: Stay organized! The hardest thing about transitioning to college is developing strong time management skills. By staying organized and getting ahead on work, you will better set yourself up for success!

Mayank Hirani

Photo of Mayank Hirani

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering(Focus: Networking & Cybersecurity, Machine Learning). 2022

Hometown: India

Professional / Student Organizations: Martian Subsurface Analysis Team, RoboGrinder ,VT Autodrive, ECE Ambassador

Projects: Social Networking of Automobiles - (Ford-sponsored Research Project); Co-host of the ECE Tech Talk

Internships: Research Intern at Cofense (Leesburg VA), Computer science intern at Chicago Advocate Legal

Favorite thing about VT: The tremendous number of opportunities in any field you want to pursue, and the enthusiasm of the faculty and the staff. I also love the people and the culture! And the tailgates of course.

Advice Don't be afraid to try new things, college is about exploring what you like. Have a good balance between class work and extracurricular activities. Also, don't forget to enjoy yourself!

Diana Kim

Photo of Diana Kim

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering 2022.

Hometown: Huntington, West Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Hyperloop, IEEE, Alpha Omega Epsilon

Projects: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. (Summer 2019), 76th Software Engineering Group at Tinker AFB (Summer 2020)

Favorite thing about VT: Whatever your passion is, you can find a place for you at Virginia Tech! There are countless opportunities and ways to get involved with your interest.

Advice Stay positive. Don't be discouraged by obstacles - work hard, and believe in yourself! When the time is tough, remember why you came here. You are not alone in the journey! Don't be afraid to ask for help - there are many resources to help you succeed.

Kadisha Mercado

Photo of Kadisha Mercado

Academic: B.S. Electrical Engineering 2021.

Hometown: Severna Park, Maryland

Professional / Student Organizations: Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE), Cassell Guard Executive Board

Internships: Software and Digital Technologies Intern at Northrop Grumman (Summer 2019), Hardware Intern at Northrop Grumman (Summer 2020)

Favorite thing about VT: I love the Virginia Tech community! Coming from out of state I was terrified to be alone in a new state on top of being in college, but the community here is so open and welcoming I truly felt at home in no time!

Advice Try to get out there and make friends from all majors! It nice to have the different perspective and it gives you some time to truly get a break from your work and do something for fun! In-major friends are definitely important too because that way you can make study group and have people there to help you out with classes!

Varun Namish Modak

Photo of Varun Namish Modak

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering, Software Systems, Spring 2022.

Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Professional / Student Organizations: ECE Ambassador, 2020, Peer Mentor, Center for Enhancement of Engineering Diversity, 2019, Ex-Technical Lead, Martian Subsurface Analysis Team (August 2019 - August 2020), Ex-First Year Leadership Experience Member @ Virginia Tech (2018-2019)

Projects: The Big Event, Operations Team Member (2019)

Favorite thing about VT: Food :) & the beautiful location!

Advice Explore all your opportunities at Tech. It's all out there! All you've got to do is reach out and dip your feet in different experiences. That's the way to make the best of your time here.

Steven Shumadine

Photo of Steven Shumadine

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering. Computer Science, Math, Cybersecurity. May 2022.

Hometown: Herndon, Virginia

Professional / Student Organizations: Raytheon Technologies Artificial Intelligence Intern, Raytheon Fellowship Program, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Club

Projects: OneCamera - Raytheon Internal Research and Development Project (IRAD) using ML to make Raytheon more cost-competitive in the tolling industry. 5G Communications - Raytheon IRAD for developing 5G communications. Decentralized Command and Control - Raytheon IRAD using ML to develop a new decentralized command and control communications protocol. Smart Home - ECE design project. Building a small model smart home with various appliances using embedded systems. Drone Programming Project - Programming a drone in C++ to perform different movements. VT Engage - Participating in various community service events to support the VT and surrounding community (Ex. gardening at a Christiansburg community garden). The Big Event - Gather a team to help out at a family's home in the surrounding community for the day once a year.

Internships: Raytheon Technologies Artificial Intelligence Intern Summer 2020 Raytheon Technologies Artificial Intelligence Intern Part-time Fall 2020

Favorite thing about VT: My favorite thing about VT is all the different sponsored activities for students to find what they love. I struggle to come up with activities that are not already a club because VT has so many. This gives students the opportunity to explore various different subjects, sports, ideas, and different kinds of entertainment, so they can truly find out what the enjoy and where they fit in.

Advice Reach out. Find out what you like to do. Network. Find others that enjoy what you like doing and those that may give you opportunities to do what you want to do.

David Stanley

Photo of David Stanley

Academic: B.S. Computer Engineering Major: Machine Learning 2021

Hometown: Sykesville, Maryland

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE - Industry Relations Chair

Projects: General Engineering Student Ambassador

Internships: Knorr Brake Company - Design Validation Intern Northrop Grumman - Hardware Engineering Intern

Favorite thing about VT: The people.

Advice Treat school like a job. Work as hard as you can on a schedule you set and always take time to recharge!

Maxwell Stelmack

Photo of Maxwell Stelmack

Academic: B.S. Major: Controls, Robotics, Autonomy. Spring 2022.

Hometown: Centerville, Ohio

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE, The Archimedes Society, Astrobotics, Catholic Campus Ministry, Previously - Galileo LLC, Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

Projects: Knights of Columbus, Alternative Spring Break Mission Trips, Campus Kitchen

Internships: Three summers at Air Force Research Laboratories as a research assistant 2020 Summer: Textron Systems as an Electrical Engineering Intern

Favorite thing about VT: Well-developed religious communities with constructive and considerate interfaith dialogue. To me, a university with a significant portion of its community considering their spiritual lives demonstrates a well-rounded student and faculty population. Discussing my service in my faith community has actually helped me gain internship experiences, even when the interviewer expressed that they are involved in a different faith.

Advice Don't think about if you're a fit for a particular university. Rather, is that university a fit for you? What are those dreams you pursue, and how does this university launch you toward them?

Dhwan Wanjara

Photo of Dhwan Wanjara

Academic: B.S. Control, Robotics, and Autonomy. CS minor. 2022.

Hometown: Mumbai

Professional / Student Organizations: FSAE, The Socceroos.

Internships: Hardware Engineering intern for Cisco in the optical IC team for 2018 and 2019

Favorite thing about VT: The people, the campus, and the hokie bird in no particular order.

Advice Make good habits and do things you love. Godspeed and glory!

Claire Woehr

Photo of Claire Woehr

Academic: B.S. Majoring in Computer Engineering: primary focus in software systems and secondary in machine learning. Minoring in cybersecurity and mathematics.

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE, ECE Ambassadors, CEED Mentoring.

Projects: Unikernel Research, Lyric Theater Volunteer

Internships: ST Engineering: VT iDirect.

Favorite thing about VT: My favorite thing about Virginia Tech is the food and the people. There are so many eating options and everyone, faculty, staff, and students, are extremely friendly.

Advice Going into a university that is as big as Virginia Tech can be scary, but Tech gives off a vibe of a small community.