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Meet the ECE Student Ambassadors

Our student ambassadors enjoy discussing ECE with students who are considering electrical or computer engineering at Virginia Tech. You can meet them on a tour of the department, or email them if you have questions. For departmental tours, please see the information on visiting campus.

Zawad Chowdhury

Photo of Zawad Chowdhury

Academic: Computer Engineering 2016, Cybersecurity, Computer Science and Math minors

Hometown: Sterling, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, South Regional Coordinator; Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence; College of Engineering Dean's Team; Student Transition Engineering Program (STEP)

Projects: Mirror Worlds Undergraduate Research, Spring 2015

Internships: GE Aviation - Application Development Co-op (Spring 2014) Solers, Inc - Systems Engineering Intern (Summer 2014) Capital One - Software Development Intern (Summer 2015)

Favorite thing about VT: The bright smiles crossing the Drillfield; the opportunity to cherish a beautiful campus each and every day; the burnt orange and Chicago maroon; the sense of unity and our Hokie Pride; most importantly our motto "Ut Prosim" (That I May Serve), which represents Virginia Tech's dedication to giving back to the community!

Advice Being a freshman may be daunting, but don't let that stop you from trying to accomplish great things. Pursue your passion to your heart's content. If you don't know what you're passionate about, then find what excites you and motivates you to succeed. Virginia Tech has so many opportunities for our students and as a freshman it is your duty to learn about these opportunities. So get involved, meet new people, surround yourself with ambitious friends, but most importantly manage your time properly so you can enjoy college!

Kara Dodenhoff

Photo of Kara Dodenhoff


Academic: Computer Engineering 2015, Math and Computer Science minors

Hometown: Williamsburg, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE; IEEE Community Outreach Chair, President of ECE Ambassadors; and Hypatia. I also play a lot of intramural sports! I play Flag Football (Champions in 2013!!), Walleyball, Battleship

Projects: Embedded Project: programmed an autonomous rover that determines its location in a course and maps where ramps are located. Project Ellie: A high altitude balloon project. We put a computer, accelerometer, temperature sensor, and camera in a payload and sent it into the upper atmosphere to gather data.

Internships: CNC Technologies, Honeywell.

Favorite thing about VT: Football and the community.

Advice Go out of your way to meet new people. It's hard at first, but it will make your college experience more exciting and fun!

Jacqueline Duong

Photo of Jacqueline Duong


Academic: Computer Engineering 2016, Computer Science minor

Hometown: Annandale, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority; ECE/CS Women's Mentor; VT College of Engineering Dean's Team; IEEE; ECE/CS Freshmen Womens Mentoring Program Student Lead, Eta Kappa Nu, Intramural Innertube Water Polo

Internships: Optimal Satcom, Inc. (Summer 2013), The Boeing Company (Summer 2014), Microsoft Corporation (Summer 2015)

Favorite thing about VT: The Hokie Spirit!!!

Advice Get involved around campus as early as you can! There are clubs and organizations for everyone. And definitely learn how to balance your classes and time. Time management is the key to success in college, especially within Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Curtis Einsmann

Photo of Curtis Einsmann


Academic: Computer Engineering 2015

Hometown: Woodbridge, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: ECE Ambassadors, President of Men's Club Basketball at Virginia Tech, Tutor in the ECE Department

Projects: Lockheed Martin sponsored Data Compression and Encryption: Two-Semester FPGA Development to encrypt and compress data on a 3-person team Embedded Rover Navigation Project: Worked on a 4-person team and used C code in an embedded environment to program 8-bit microcontrollers and develop a rover that would navigate through a maze Bayesian Network Approximate Inference Project: Wrote Python code to infer facts using Artificial Intelligence.

Internships:, Seattle, WA (Summer 2014) BIT Systems, Sterling, VA (Summer 2013) Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. (Summer 2012)

Favorite thing about VT: I've had an on-campus meal plan all four years that I've been here, even though I live off campus. The food is amazing!

Advice Get involved on campus right away. There are so many organizations and clubs here, and there is definitely one that is a great fit for each person that comes here. Stick with engineering, it will definitely be worth it when searching for internship and co-op opportunities! Manage your time, and you'll have a great experience.

Jahin Habib

Photo of Jahin Habib

Academic: Electrical Engineering 2016

Hometown: Chantilly, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: Vice President of ECE Student Ambassadors, Alpha Omega Epsilon (Professional Engineering Sorority)- Student Engineers' Council Representative; IEEE- Women in Engineering Chair, CEED ECE/CS Mentor

Internships: United Technologies Corporation, OTIS Elevator Company

Favorite thing about VT: I love the beautiful campus, high levels of energy on game day, and most of all, the sense of unity that comes with being a Hokie. It wasn't until I stepped foot on campus that I realized how tight-knit of a community we are. Everyone is so warm and welcoming! I never get tired of telling people of how proud I am to be a student at Virginia Tech.

Advice Keep your focus on why you are here—to get a degree! It is super easy to get distracted with all the activities going on around you. Time management is vital; schedules/calendars are a great way to stay organized and keep your priorities straight. Nevertheless, don't forget to have fun once in a while!

Britt Hager

Photo of Britt Hager


Academic: Electrical Engineering 2015, Business and Mathematics minors

Hometown: Salem, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: BASIS (Bonds And Securities Investing by Students)

Projects: ECE Capstone project is to build a digital fluxgate magnetometer for a customer in Blacksburg.

Internships: Full time at International Paper Internships: Norfolk Southern, MC Dean, Harris Corp

Favorite thing about VT: You will not find another school with as much pride as Virginia Tech. It doesn't matter what city, state, or even country that you are in, if someone has a Tech shirt on, you automatically have a connection that no one else can understand. It is truly a great feeling to have such an amazing network of Hokies that all have each others' back.

Advice Learn to manage your time well as soon as you get to college. The better you do early on, the easier it will be by the end.

Paige Kassalen

Photo of Paige Kassalen


Academic: Electrical Engineering 2015

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Penn.

Professional / Student Organizations: Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Vice President of Public Relations; Rent the Runway, Virginia Tech Public Relations Representative; IEEE, Membership Development Chair; Society of Women Engineers; Linkous Ladies Mentor

Projects: Project Ellie, 2 semester design capstone.

Internships: Federal Mogul, Westinghouse, Bayer

Favorite thing about VT: The great atmosphere and school unity

Advice Do not be hesitant to join activities because you are nervous you have an overwhelming major. Joining different organizations will enhance your college experience and help with time management.

Joshua Settle

Photo of Joshua Settle

Academic: Electrical Engineering 2016

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, New River Valley Symphony Orchestra

Projects: In my spare time I have found myself tinkering with AC motors to power a pulley system that can lift small weights.

Internships: Summer 2012: Engineering Services of Virginia Civil Engineering Intern Summer 2014: Teledyne Hastings Instruments Electrical Engineering Intern Summer 2015: Teledyne Hastings Instruments Electrical Engineering Intern

Favorite thing about VT: The opportunities to enjoy nature, my favorite hike around here is Dragon's Tooth in Catawba, VA.

Advice Learn to manage your time well. Be conscious of the commitments you make. Be sure to know what is expected of you. Keep your promises to the best of your ability... even the ones you make to yourself. Try new things. Meet new people. Have fun! Find outlets for stress and creativity. Be healthy. Examine both your successes and failures, and strive to understand their underlying causes. Love your neighbors.

Caleb Stroud

Photo of Caleb Stroud


Academic: Computer Engineering 2016, French minor

Hometown: Leesburg, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Unicycle Club, Human Powered Submarine Engineering Design Team (former), Cercle Francophone (former)

Projects: Developed a prototype for a Windows 8 phone app with Microsoft's novel application development environment ecosystem TouchDevelop. Plenty of projects in class including a skiing game on a small OLED display in ECE 2534 Microcontroller Interfacing. This was challenging but super fun.

Internships: BIT Systems.

Favorite thing about VT: The Hokie community is my favorite part of Virginia Tech. On campus, this is evident in Big Event, Relay for Life, or the simple act of holding a door open. Off campus, there are many graduates who love hiring fellow Hokies.

Advice Get involved! And start freshman year. There are tons of opportunities on campus, whether that be an engineering design team or intramural sports, or something completely different. Get involved in some sort of engineering related club or opportunity, and also in some other club or regular volunteer experience that you may be interested in. These experiences will help with getting that first internship and job by sprucing up your resume and helping with interview questions. Keep academics at the forefront, but take risks. The options are endless!

Ali Majd

Photo of Ali Majd


Academic: Electrical and Computer Engineering 2015

Hometown: Lansdowne, Va.

Professional / Student Organizations: Intel Ambassador at VT; IEEE, Historian, Iranian Society at Virginia Tech host and organizer

Projects: Virginia Tech. Board Design Undergraduate Research: Summer 2014

Internships: Intel Corp. Board Design and Debugging Intern (IDGz): Summer 2013, Intel Corp. Validation and Testing Intern (IDGa): Summer 2012

Favorite thing about VT: Beautiful college town (lots of young and active people!)

Advice Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience by making the most out of everything you do. Keeping a balance between academics and social life is the hardest, but it's the key to standout and build a bright future for yourself. Always remember that you're the only one in charge of achieving your goals, but you can always find people who will help you do that.

Lindsey Ocheltree

Photo of Lindsey Ocheltree


Academic: Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

Professional / Student Organizations: ntelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence, Cyber Security Club, Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED), IEEE, Society of Women Engineers

Favorite thing about VT: First Robotics Mentor, Kid's Tech University, I love running and the outdoors!

Advice Get involved with clubs or organizations right away and don't be afraid of being too busy. Do what you enjoy, there are many opportunities outside of engineering as well. You will learn great time management skills and it is possible to have a social life, sleep, and get good grades! Have fun and don't be afraid to meet new people!

Takondwa Kakusa

Photo of Takondwa Kakusa


Academic: Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, Math minor

Professional / Student Organizations: AMP Lab IEEE HKN

Projects: Research: Code breaking using logic circuit concepts, Morse Code generator

Internships: Service desk technician, Virginia Hospital Center Health IT 2 Business Solutions

Advice Try to get involved as much as you can, the earlier you can because that is a great way to network and create bonds throughout your time at tech.

Gordon O'Neill

Photo of Gordon O'Neill


Academic: Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering minor

Professional / Student Organizations: Students with Diabetes at Virginia Tech, ECE Ambassadors, VT BOLT Design Team

Projects: VT Bolt Design Team Dashboard Interface, Microcontroler Labs (2048 and Asteroids)

Internships: AV3(Summer 2014)-Audio/Video work for Department of State building.

Advice Find a major you are passionate about! The work will seem much less tedious and more enjoyable.

Vicki Rowe

Photo of Vicki Rowe


Academic: Electrical Engineering, Entrepreneurship - New Venture Growth minor

Professional / Student Organizations: Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Intramural Chairman, Linkous Lady Mentor, IEEE, Society of Women Engineers

Advice Take advantage of all the fantastic opportunities that VT has to offer! Whether it is exploiting all of your academic resources or joining new clubs, find what you are passionate about and enjoy the Hokie life!

Kaleigh Treanor

Photo of Kaleigh Treanor


Academic: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics minor

Professional / Student Organizations: IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society), Intramural Soccer, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Ultimate Frisbee, Hypatia Living Learning Community Service Learning Committee

Projects: Undergraduate research with Space@VT building a ground station

Internships: Interviewing with B/E Aerospace and Telephonics, still waiting for responses.

Advice Do not be afraid to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone. Be adventurous, get involved, and meet as many people as you possibly can. This is the last time you will be surrounded by this many people your own age, so take advantage of that, but do not loose sight of your grades and school work. Work hard, and success will come your way.

Brian Kaplan

Photo of Brian Kaplan


Academic: Computer Engineering, Computer Science minor

Professional / Student Organizations: Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity College of Engineering Dean's Team

Projects: Home Automation Server - Large-Scale Software Dev Course Formula SAE - Design Team

Internships: General Electric Appliance Chrysler Group LLC Appian Corporation

Advice Work hard and you can do anything you want.

Cindy Trieu

Photo of Cindy Trieu


Academic: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Business minors

Professional / Student Organizations: Chi Omega Fraternity Society of Women Engineers IEEE

Advice Get involved right away! Don't be afraid to go outside your bubble, everyone is very friendly and welcoming to all types of organizations. It's an easy way to meet people and make new friends! Freshman year can be very overwhelming however do not lose focus on schoolwork. Take freshman year seriously and keep up the grades. It is a lot harder to try to bring up your grades throughout college. Form good studying habits early! Nevertheless, take advantage of your time here!

Ramone Cooper

Photo of Ramone Cooper


Academic: Electrical Engineering

Professional / Student Organizations: National Society of Black Engineers Galileo Living Learning Community Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Student Technology Council

Projects: All of Microcontroller Interfacing

Internships: Power Intern with Nucor Steel (Summer 2015)

Advice Never let other people's opinions weigh too heavily in your decisions and be open to everything. You may never find your true passion without trying something new every once in a while. Everything has its up's and down's, so try not to let hearsay sway any big decisions.

Ehsaan Pakmehr

Photo of Ehsaan Pakmehr


Academic: Computer Engineering

Professional / Student Organizations: Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity, Secretary IEEE

Internships: Summer 2014 - Lasership Inc. - Systems Engineer Intern

Advice Never let anyone bring you down. Keep your head high. While school may be difficult at times, make time to have fun, let loose, and enjoy your time here. There is so much to do on campus and in Blacksburg. While your time may be numbered here, make use of every opportunity. You never know where you might end up. Also, do not let the weather get in the way of having a good experience...because you never know in Blacksburg.