ECE 4284 Power Electronics Laboratory | ECE | Virginia Tech

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Course Information


Design and testing of electronic power processing systems for commercial and aerospace applications.

Why take this course?

This is the only undergraduate power electronics laboratory course. It provides the opportunity to experimentally verify the design techniques taught in the ECE 4224 Power Electronics course and to learn experimental techniques that are specific for power electronics.

Learning Objectives

  • Search, explore, and verify the design options based on given specifications.
  • Design and build the power stage of dc-dc converters and experimentally verify it.
  • Design and build high-frequency inductors and transformers.
  • Design and build feedback controller for dc-dc converters.
  • Measure and experimentally quantify steady-state, small-signal, and transient characteristics of power converters.
  • Design and build a complete dc-dc converter prototype and verify the design through analysis and interpretation of the experimentally collected data.

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

Specification Analysis and Preliminary Design 8%
Design Verification and Iteration through Simulations 8%
Inductor/Transformer, Layout and Thermal Design 8%
PWM Control Chip Measurements 8%
Gate Drive Design, Construction and Measurements 8%
Inductor/Transformer Construction and Measurements 8%
Power Stage Construction 12%
Efficiency and Steady-state Measurements 8%
Transfer Function Measurements and Feedback Design 8%
Loop-Gain Measurements 8%
Closed-Loop and Transient Measurements 8%
EMI Measurements 8%