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ECE 4664 - Analog & Digital Communications Laboratory (1C)

Course Description

Laboratory experiments which deal with the design and measurement of analog and digital communication systems. Concepts include SNR, Modulation Index, PCM, and spread spectrum.

Why take this course?

This laboratory is important for seniors wishing to emphasize the communications area. This course provides practical hands-on exposure to communication system building blocks, such as filters, mixers, and amplifiers, and enables students to study the effects of noise on communication systems. Communications is a highly important and growing field and students should have opportunity to gain familiarity with communication test equipment and measurement techniques

Learning Objectives

  • measure signal-to-noise ratio with various equipment;
  • design and measure AM, FM, QPSK, and spread spectrum communication systems;
  • routinely use communications test equipment; and
  • identify and measure factors which hamper communication systems.