ECE 4334 Power System Analysis and Control | ECE | Virginia Tech

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Course Information


Development of methods for power system analysis and control. An analysis and design of systems for steady state, transient, and dynamic conditions. Digital Solutions emphasized.

Why take this course?

This course is essential for those who will work in the utility, consulting or manufacturing sectors of the power industry including both bulk and industrial systems. The course is concerned with the analysis of power systems and develops the background in automatic generating control and economic dispatch as practiced in modern power engineering.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze a power system during short circuits.
  • Analyze a power system during normal loading conditions.
  • Design the power system for stable operation
  • Analyze the economics of power production.
  • Develop software for power system analysis.
  • Analyze the control processes in a power system.
  • Design and size switchgear for a power network.

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

General Introduction 5%
Three-phase circuits and the per unit system 5%
Models of power system elements 10%
Three phase faults 10%
Unbalanced faults 20%
Load flow analysis 10%
Solution techniques 10%
Principles of economic operation 10%
Automatic generation control 10%
Power System Stability 10%