ECE 4944 Cybersecurity Seminar | ECE | Virginia Tech

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Course Information


Theory and practice of cybersecurity problems and solutions for building secure computing hardware, software and networks. Technical, social and legal aspects of secure systems. Historical and ongoing attacks that spawn real-world responses. Ongoing research in cybersecurity defenses.

Why take this course?

Classroom courses provide a good grounding in the basics of computer and network systems and how they can be protected from attacks by cyber predators. The field of cybersecurity is a constantly evolving one in which attack and defense strategies are constantly changing. In addition to providing some historical perspective, this seminar is meant to present to the students strategies that are under development and under test in real-world environments.

Learning Objectives

  • describe high-level technical aspects of cybersecurity breaches and defense mechanisms
  • discuss practical applications of cybersecurity policymaking and policies
  • discuss case-studies of historical computer security problems
  • explain protection mechanisms used in typical personal, industry, and government network and computer systems

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

1. Computer systems 14.3%
2. Networking 14.3%
3. Programming 14.3%
4. Hardware systems analysis 14.3%
5. Software systems analysis 14.3%
6. Probability 14.3%
7. Application specific cybersecurity 14.2%