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Computer Systems

Student sets up drone in a field

Computer Systems are the heart of almost every critical technology in use today, from cars to watches, cell phones to power plants. The capabilities and security of these systems is critical, as is their ability to interface with the constant influx of new technologies. ECE researchers are developing better ways to maintain the integrity of computer systems, promoting efficient design, and optimizing the humancomputer interface both at a software and hardware level. These researchers are shaping the computer systems of the future.

Highlighted Research

Research in electronic textiles and wearable technology has allowed ECE engineers to develop some of the first wearable hardware/software architectures, aimed at providing an application agnostic framework for wearable tech. With initial developments aimed at users with mobility issues, as well as collaborative teams in high stress environments, the uses for these technical textiles are just taking off. These textiles could play a role in medical monitoring and treatment, sports training, hazardous occupation monitoring, and more.

Our researchers are redefining the way engineers develop and iterate on their designs, promoting safe, efficient, and lower risk design processes. By leveraging a combination of real-time monitoring, productivity and performance monitoring, and tradeoff evaluation, these new process tools will enable engineering teams to take a unified approach to preventing or mitigating undesired or unsafe outcomes. These processes have applications in aeronautics, autonomous vehicle development, and industrial electronics.

Other Research Topics

  • Trusted autonomy 
  • True machine intelligence 
  • Chip heterogeneous multiprocessing 
  • Wearable and pervasive computing