ECE 4244 Intermediate Semiconductor Processing Laboratory | ECE | Virginia Tech

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Course Information


Design, layout, fabricate, and characterize microelectronic devices. Analyze test results to verify performance to the predetermined specifications. Required oral and written reports.

Why take this course?

This course provides the laboratory experience necessary to demonstrate all of the principles of semiconductor wafer design, fabrication, and testing. It is a critical course for preparing advanced undergraduate for working in a university research environment and/or the microelectronics industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Design the mask patterns required to fabricate a microelectronic device or circuit
  • Work in a cleanroom environment using proper safety and cleanroom protocols required to assure integrity of the lab and wafer and safety of the student and coworkers
  • Demonstrate proficiency in performing processing procedures including: wafer cleaning; wet dry oxidation; diffusion of dopants; metallization; wafer etching; and the use of an test station to measure the electrical properties of the devices created
  • Master the use of a software package to accomplish objective 3
  • Prepare written and oral reports describing the design, construction, and test results of the project.

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

Device design 10%
Layout 20%
Cleanroom gowning and safety 5%
Wafer fabrication 45%
Wafer cleaning
Wafer oxidation
Photoresist deposition and developing
Boron diffusion
Wafer testing 20%