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ECE 5210 - Microelectromechanical Systems From Fabrication to Application (3C)

Course Description

This course focuses on the design, fabrication, and application of microsystems providing a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary interactions.

Why take this course?

MEMS technology is at the forefront of modern science and engineering of sensors, actuators, and other miniature devices. With the development of microfabrication technologies and facilities at Virginia Tech, it is natural that we become involved in this state-of-the-art research. This course will prepare students with the necessary background to allow them to participate in advanced processing laboratory and advanced MEMS design and microfabrication courses and also to pursue research in various aspects of microsystems development.

Learning Objectives

  • describe various microsystems and MEMS technologies and their applications,
  • quantitatively explain various semiconductor processes, microfabrication, techniques and wafer-level packaging technologies
  • describe different sensing and actuating mechanisms in Microsystems,
  • design various MEMS systems using microfabrication techniques and transduction mechanisms,
  • describe different materials and their properties in MEMS,
  • build quantitative models of MEMS/BioMEMS structures (using state-of-the-art computer modeling software), and
  • function in (multidisciplinary) teams.