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ECE 5665 - Telecommunications (3C)

Course Description

Basic concepts in electrical engineering. Waveforms, spectra bandwidth. Fourier series and transform. Decibels, SNR, BER. Analog and digital transmission and modulations. Wire and radio links, link budgets, SNR and BER.

Why take this course?

The Telecommunications sequence offers students enrolled in the Master of Information Technology program the opportunity to learn about modern telecommunication systems and techniques and to broaden their understanding of electronic communication systems with the information technology program.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply Fourier analysis to waveforms and spectra
  • Analyze communication systems using wire, radio and optical fiber links
  • Determine the bandwidth required for transmission of analog and digital signals
  • Analyze wire and radio links using link budgets and decibel units
  • Calculate signal to noise ratios and bit error rates for specific analog and digital communication links