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ECE 5480 - Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (3C)

Course Description

Cybersecurity principles and technologies motivated by the evolving ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT): devices, operating systems, sensors, data storage, networking and communication protocols, and system services. IoT device and system security and privacy vulnerabilities, analysis, and attack mitigation techniques. Master of Information Technology (MIT) students only. Pre: 5484 or CS 5044. (3H, 3C).

Why take this course?

The Internet is dramatically growing in terms of size and complexity as billions of sensors, devices, and computers become networked together in the Internet of Things (IoT). With this network evolution comes the increased need for understanding the cybersecurity challenges caused by IoT devices, as well as learning the principles and technologies that can help mitigate security and privacy vulnerabilities in an increasingly networked world. This class teaches Masters of Information Technology (MIT) students the engineering architecture components (hardware, protocols, and technologies) of the evolving IoT ecosystem, motivated by the core principles of cybersecurity. This course will help students identify security and privacy vulnerabilities in IoT technologies and systems. This course will also prepare students for understanding cybersecurity challenges, principles, and approaches as networked devices become increasingly integrated into our daily lives.

Learning Objectives

  • • Classify the engineering components of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, including devices, computers, networks, operating system services, and distributed systems.
  • • Evaluate core cybersecurity principles from an IoT perspective
  • • Distinguish system, service, application, and network security and privacy threats and vulnerabilities on client and server systems.
  • • Analyze technologies commonly used in IoT sensors, storage, communication, and system services
  • • Analyze IoT devices and systems from a cybersecurity perspective
  • • Implement and use computer-based tools to examine IoT network and security issues
  • • Demonstrate techniques for exploitation and vulnerability mitigation in IoT devices and systems.