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ECE 6204 - Advanced Topics in Electronics (3C)

Course Description

Advanced topics of current interest in electronics engineering, with particular emphasis on microelectronics. Topics are selected from current technical literature to stress and reflect important potential areas in the electronic field. These topics include multichip modules, electronic packaging, microwave packaging, modeling simulation and evaluation of high speed devices, wideband characterization of electronic materials and multilayer structures, time and frequency domain measurement techniques.

Why take this course?

This course will support the electronics curriculum at the advanced graduate level, filling a tremendous gap in the current curriculum related to multichip modules, electronic packaging, and wideband electrical characterization of electronic materials and structures. These topics are important to electrical engineers and need to be studied. The graduate students within the Electrical Engineering Department in the electronics area should be exposed to the rapid developments in the field of Electronics engineering as they mature. The Advanced Topics course will be taught by a faculty member with the right field of expertise. This course gives the flexibility of teaching state-of-the-art subject matter in the electronics, and in particular the microelectronics area.

Learning Objectives

  • Design, analyze and process multichip modules (types C and L);
  • Design, and simulate the electrical performance of electronic packages, especially at microwave frequencies;
  • Conduct precision measurements to characterize electronic packages and structures;
  • Predict reliability and yield related to MCMs, interconnects, and electronic packaging.