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ECE 5754 - Applied Linear Systems (3C)

Course Description

Develop an applied understanding of state-space representations for linear time invariant multi-input multi-output dynamic systems in both the time domain and the frequency domain. Introduction to modern state-space control methods: state feedback and output feedback. Realistic design problems with numerical simulations of practical implementations.

Why take this course?

This course provides a hands-on understanding of linear systems with multiple inputs and multiple outputs with an introduction to modern state-space control. The course emphasizes the use of practical software tools for anlayzing stability, computing time responses and frequency responses, and also for designing state feedback and output feedback controllers.

Learning Objectives

  • Represent a system of ordinary differential equations as a state-space realization
  • Analyze the stability of a linear time-invariant system
  • Compute the time response and frequency response of a linear time-invariant state-space system
  • Analyze controllability and observability of a linear time-invariant system
  • Design state feedback and output feedback controllers