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ECE 6154 - Photonic Devices and Systems (3C)

Course Description

Electromagnetic analysis of guided-wave optical devices and systems, including transmission properties of optical fibers, photonic crystal waveguides, grating structures, and coupled-wave components; soliton propagation in fibers; Erbium-doped and Raman fiber amplifiers; semiconductor light sources and photodetectors; wavelength-division multiplexed systems.

Why take this course?

Photonic technology has grown enormously in applications and sophistication during the past decade. This course provides the essential knowledge needed for the development of state-of-the-art photonic systems for applications in communications, sensing, and instrumentation, as well as pursuing research in fiber optics and bio/nano photonics.

Learning Objectives

  • analyze transmission properties of optical guides
  • describe the mechanisms contributing to signal degradation in optical transmission links
  • describe the performance characteristics of active components, including fiber amplifiers, laser diode, light emitting diode, and photodetector
  • evaluate spectral characteristics of passive components, such as grating and coupler using coupled-mode theory
  • design optical guides and passive guided-wave components with prescribed transmission characteristics