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ECE 5564 - Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing (3C)

Course Description

Issues in the design and use of wearable and ubiquitous computing systems. Topics covered include current research issues in system-level low power design, input/output devices, location and context-awareness, and networking. Students are expected to design, implement, and evaluate a wearable computing device or application.

Why take this course?

Wearable and ubiquitous computing is a rapidly growing area in industry as well as academic research, with a shortage of workers familiar with its unique constraints. (See, for example, Kiely, D. "Wanted: Programmers for Handheld Devices," IEEE Computer, May 2001, pp. 12-14.) Students who take this course will be well-prepared to work in the area as well as to assess it for application in a variety of areas; students will not be exposed to the area in any other course.

Learning Objectives

  • describe and discuss constraints unique to wearable and ubiquitous computing platforms and applications,
  • design, develop and evaluate a wearable computing application,
  • apply state-of-the-art hardware and software development tools to computer system design, and
  • communicate both orally and in writing with other members of a team.