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ECE 5586 - Information Technology Security and Trust (3C)

Course Description

Advanced security and trust concepts and implementation in wired and wireless computer networks and computer systems; malware defenses, impact of channel fragility, node mobility, cooperative functionality, and resource constraints on security and trust at the different layers of the Internet protocol stack. MIT Students Only (Master of Information Technology)

Why take this course?

Learning Objectives

  • Design secure applications and systems.
  • Implement access controls.
  • Use computer-based tools to identify untrustworthy software or communication circumstances.
  • Implement and evaluate advanced attack mitigation and recovery techniques and technologies for various types of attacks at the different network layers.
  • Describe the lifecycle of a trustworthy wireless network.
  • Describe vulnerabilities and attacks on state-of-the-practice wireless networks.
  • Describe key security, privacy, trust and performance metrics in wireless networks.
  • Determine Return on Security Investment (ROSI).