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ECE 5635 - Radar Systems Analysis and Design (3C)

Course Description

5635: This graduate-level course is the first in a two-part sequence in radar analysis and design. It covers the theory and practice of radar systems used for detection, tracking and location of targets. Topics include measurement of range and velocity, pulse compression, design of radar transmitters, receivers and antennas.

Why take this course?

These courses cover the theory and practice of radars. Radar systems bring together ideas and techniques from many other areas of electrical engineering. 5635 provides a broad treatment of radar from the system viewpoint, with emphasis on how a radar can be used to detect a target, measure its location, and identify its nature. The basic building blocks of a radar system, including transmitters, receivers, antennas and phased arrays, are also covered.

Learning Objectives

  • a) describe radars and explain how they are used to detect remote objects
  • b) analyze radar systems to assess performance
  • c) explain the processing of radar signals
  • d) describe the effects of the atmosphere and interference on radar systems
  • 3) design a radar system for a particular application and technical specification