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ECE 6124 - Advanced Numerical Electromagnetics (3C)

Course Description

A thorough coverage of numerical methods for electromagnetics, including topics on the foundations of function theory, Green's functions, mode-matching, and numerical expansion techniques in both the time and frequency domains. Emphasis will be placed on the method of moments and the finite element method, with development of the theoretical foundations of these methods.

Why take this course?

Current state-of-the-art work in electromagnetics requires extensive computation of the fields in an electromagnetic system. This computation is generally done in an approximate manner using either analytical approximations or numerical processes. In practice, a combination of the two is required. This course offers the foundation and theoretical basis for many of the current numerical techniques in use. The emphasis is on the foundations of the techniques, rather than simply how to run a computer program. These foundations are necessary for the future development of computer tools in the electromagnetics area. The primary emphasis will be specifically on the moment method and the finite-element method of computation which are at the forefront of current computational techniques.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop appropriate computer solutions for electromagnetics problems from fundamental principles of numerical methods for EM
  • Recognize the limitations on such solutions and method
  • Compare the attributes of various numerical techniques.