ECE 5264 Embedded Power Management | ECE | Virginia Tech


Course Information


Study of advanced control and high frequency modeling of power converters; analysis and design of high-frequency power converters; analysis of high-frequency magnetic components; analysis and design of embedded power management solutions for distributed power systems.

Why take this course?

Higher efficiency and smaller size are continually demanded by industries for distributed power systems in such applications as microprocessors, laptop, desktop, server, telecom equipment, and renewable energy systems. In the past 10 years, the embedded/on-board power management solution has become the most popular solution due to its high-efficiency and high-density performance. Many new technologies have been developed to improve the efficiency and power density of embedded power converters. This course focuses on these advanced technologies. It provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments in embedded power management for distributed power systems, especially for computing and telecom systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Specify the challenges of power management for next generation microprocessors
  • Specify benefits and limitations of modeling and controls for multi-phase voltage regulator
  • Analyze power loss for multi-phase voltage regulator
  • Analyze and design high frequency magnetic components
  • Analyze and design various advanced power management solutions

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

1. Introduction of embedded power management 10%
2. Advanced control for multi-phase Voltage Regulator 15%
3. Modeling for multi-phase Voltage Regulator 15%
4. High-frequency power converter design and loss analysis 10%
5. Characterization and design for high-frequency magnetic components 10%
6. Multi-phase power converter with coupled-inductor 10%
7. Advanced system architectures 10%
8. High-frequency Integrated system 10%
9. Isolated Point-of-Load converter 10%