ECE 5334 Electric Machines and Transients | ECE | Virginia Tech


Course Information


Development of inductances, flux linkages, voltage equations, linear transformations, continuous simulation techniques and machine models. Digital modeling of linear and nonlinear power system components for electromagnetic transient studies. Methods of digital simulations of power systems in transient conditions, the traveling wave theory and protection against surges.

Why take this course?

This course supports and complements the available graduate study courses in Power Systems offered at Virginia Tech. Models of electric machinery, transmission lines, transformers and other components are necessary to conduct advanced research in power systems and to understand the results provided by advanced simulation packages such as the Electro-Magnetic Transient Program (EMTP) available today to the power industry.

Learning Objectives

  • Select and apply machine models to perform calculations and simulations in the time/frequency domain
  • Apply linear transformations and continuous simulation techniques to evaluate operating conditions during transients and/or steady-state operation
  • Model power system components in time domain
  • Describe and formulate the traveling wave phenomenon initiated by faults such as lightning
  • Identify and apply appropriate numerical techniques to solve ordinary differential equations pertinent to large-scale electrical power system electromagnetic transients
  • Implement digital simulation techniques for transients analysis of power systems

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

1. Development of inductances, flux linkages and Voltage Equations. Blondel's transformation 15%
2. Direct, Quadrature and Zero axis transformation 10%
3. Continuous simulation techniques 10%
4. Reactance and Stability Models 15%
5. Theories of lightning 10%
6. Generation of transients and wave propagation 15%
7. Simulation techniques. Uses of EMTP 10%
8. Insulation coordination and Surge Protective Devices 15%