ECE 6314 Advanced Instrumentation in Power Systems | ECE | Virginia Tech


Course Information


Role of advanced instrumentation in monitoring, control and protection applications in power systems. Effects and limitations of: Instrument Transformer, signal conditioning circuits, analog to digital (A/D) converters and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chips, time synchronization and sampling, output circuits and devices, and communication channels. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), protection algorithms, phasor and frequency measurements.

Why take this course?

Application of state of the art digital devices for metering, protection and control of power systems is an important field of research in power system monitoring and control. This subject has a far-reaching influence on many diverse fields such as protection, state estimation and hierarchical control of power systems. This course will give students a firsthand knowledge of this area of research and development.

Learning Objectives

  • determine the functionality and limitations of state of the art digital devices for monitoring, protection and control applications
  • analyze specific computer-based protection devices
  • describe the limitation and operation of time synchronized devices
  • determine the effect, limitation, and security of communication channels
  • implement state of the art algorithms by computer software

Course Topics


Percentage of Course

1. Instrument Transformers and Input Circuits: Legacy Devices and Input/Output signals and circuits 20%
2. A/D Converters, Time Synch. and DSP chips 15%
3. FFT and other Transformers 10%
4. Protection Algorithms and Adaptive Principles 20%
5. Phasor and Frequency measurement 20%
6. Communication and security 15%